What A Man Wants: An Open Letter to Women

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Men want sex!  Are you shocked?  Of course not!

But you will be.

Ladies, why do men walk around town like hound dogs in heat? Why are males constantly in  skirt chasing mode in search of “new friends”?   Why?  Because most guys just aren’t getting enough good sex at home – and that’s a fact.  So ladies, if you think you can handle this article then read on.  If not, please proceed left to another one.  This article may present more truth than you are ready to deal with.


A recent study by Esquire Magazine revealed fascinating new realities of men “sexual habits, their sexual expectations, frustrations, proclivities, perversions, and fantasies that define how & where they want to do it”.

Here are some titillating statistics from the survey.

• Only 25% of married men are more likely to say they’re very satisfied with their sex lives over their single peers…
• 14% of married men have had at least one sexual encounter with another man
• A whopping 34% of men in committed relationships have cheated on their current partner…
• 10% of men don’t believe oral sex counts as “sex”
• The top 3 favorite sexual positions for men are woman on top (“cowgirl”), man on top (“missionary”), and man behind woman (“doggy style”)
 • Only 34% of men regularly wear a condom…
• 43% of men have had difficulty getting and/or maintaining an erection partly due to interest in their partner.
• Nearly 25% of men prefer women that have large breasts
• 22% of men said they have had 20 or more sex partners in their lifetime…
• When asked what their biggest anxiety is when having sex with someone for the first time, men are more than four times as likely to say they are concerned with their sexual performance than with contracting HIV
• And…13% of men prefer woman on woman pornography

 …meaning they want to be involved ….not just watch the ladies have fun!

What should you take away from this?

First, accept the fact that your man is a walking penis on steroids.  He wants to bone in his sleep, while driving on the road, in the office, at the gym, in the backyard while mowing the lawn, on a church pew, at the grocery store, at parent teacher conferences, etc.  Ooh by the way, he also has thoughts about fucking your neighbor, your sister, occasionally your mom (if she’s a MILF), your best friends (all of them), his coworkers, the lady at the grocery store, your child’s pediatrician, his cousin, the church choir, and the female cop that pulled him over the other day while he was fantasizing about sex and ran a stop sign.

You get the point.  Don’t get mad… get real.

Men want sex!

Even if he has a micro-penis that can’t do much damage or get hard enough to sway any willing partner… he still wants to do it.  He’s just wired that way! Quite frankly, men are really not that far removed from animals. He has urges that are animalistic.  It’s reported that a male lion can mate 50 times a day.  Granted, it only last for 30 seconds, but you get the point.  Once you comprehend that… then you are ready to start understanding your man.

Secondly, no man wants to go to bed with a woman that’s a “boring lay.”  Too many women lay in bed like their doing a favor by giving it up. The fact that your man takes it doesn’t mean that he’s happy and/or satisfied with you.  No man can resist an orgasm. However, he’ll continue his hunt for more lively bait in the morning, late afternoon, evening, late evening, night, late night, etc.

If you really want to satisfy him, then “work that ass in bed like you owe him back rent.”  Okay… that’s a bit much.  I’m being playful.  But you know what I mean.  Demonstrate a real interest in being with him in the bedroom.  Get into it!  Don’t deny him the pleasure of feeling you and enjoying your energy and attitude. It will stroke his ego and make him consider being more loyal.

Thirdly, spice it up!  Are you oral?  If not, this is the time to learn something or proceed left to another article.  If you are still with me… here’s the third clue.  Get oral!  Suck him down “like you’re trying to pull out an antidote needed to save your life”.   Okay..that too is a bit much.  Again, I’m being playful.  But you know what I mean.

Demonstrate a real enthusiasm about oral sex. Some women just give up enough oral sex to get by.  It’s important to understand that men cheat with women who are considered “nasty,” because they don’t have one who is willing to act “nasty” at home. So, give him the best oral sex he’s ever had. I’m talking about a “waxing” that will make him reach for his wallet because he thinks he should be paying for it.

If you “blow” him away, you will have him eating out of the palm of your hands… for life.
Next, be more aggressive.  Men absolutely love this one.  By nature, men are hunters.  They enjoy the chase.  However, the chase took place when he pursued you in the first place.  The chase should not continue once you’ve been captured and the two of you have joined life together.  It’s now your turn to hunt once in a while.

So, go after him too!

Let him know that you want him.  Playfully tease him and demonstrate that you have an appetite for being naughty as well.  This could ignite a heated sexual rivalry between the two of you.  It’s a cute way to spark new interests in one another.

Last but not least, Bring sexy back! Some ladies forget how they dressed and acted when they were single.  It’s as if “having” a man wipes out any impulse to be seductive and adventurous.

Now STOP and get ready for some hard truth. 

Your man’s hunt for you was partly driven by an urge to find out what you could do for him sexually.  Once he’s gotten that, you must continue to keep him guessing about what new opportunities you are willing to explore with him.

So tease him with new stimulations like, discussing threesomes, pole dancing, watching porn, trying anal sex, creating videos, taking nasty pictures, sex-texting, giving him unexpected blow jobs in the car or at work, afternoon quickies, etc.

The key is to stay creative.

Remember, getting the man was the easy part.

Keeping him requires work!

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