The Evolution of Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas Continues to Evolve In Music

In the past twenty years many singers have embarked on a journey to make a mark on the R&B music scene, while some have lasted, others have failed and some have just floated around. R&B veteran, Joe Thomas has created an illustrious career that one can only dream of. Since his 1993 debut album Everything hit the shelves he has been in a lane all by himself.

Owning Billboard’s coveted “US R & B charts” with over twelve appearance in the Top 20, Joe’s hit catalog includes the Big Pun led “Still Not A Player,” his 1996 smash titled, “All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do)” and the unforgettable 2007 hit “If I Was Your Man.” For most, the next step would be a compilation album, possibly a reality show but for Joe it’s focusing on his new album Double Back: The Resurrection Of R&B due for a July 2nd release.

Currently tearing up the radio is his new single “I’d Rather Have A Love,” which embraces Joe’s vintage passion filled lyrics accompanied by amazing soulful instrumentation that equates another addition to the hit catalog for the multi-platinum artist. Parlé had the opportunity to sit with Joe recently for an interview, he answered everything from the collaborations on his new album, new artists in the industry and how he’s managed to be successful for so long. Check out his story here only at Parlé Magazine.

The Golden Age of R & B, the 90’s, gave birth to R & B heavyweights Usher, Jodeci and Keith Sweat just to name a few. Many overlook Joe’s entrance onto the scene, Joe’s dominance since his debut release of Everything in 1993 hasn’t been matched by many. His very first single “I‘m In Luv“ made into the Top 10 on the US R & B Charts. His consistency since is unparalleled. “It’s all due to my fans, I never alienated my core audience and that got me to where I am,” Joe says admirably.

Joe’s musical success can be credited to his beginnings in Church where most of the greats begin. For twenty years Joe’s singles and albums have carved a special lane for himself, throughout the journey tallying around five million records sold in the United States alone. An R & B powerhouse Joe is, equating the definition of a diligent and gifted entertainer.

Nine studio albums, One compilation album, twenty six singles and seven Grammy Award nominations later Joe is embarking on another project titled DoubleBack: The Evolution Of R & B. The first release off the album is his new single “I’d Rather Have A Love,” an ode to Joe’s timelessness and ability to educate the youngin’s with his Rhythmic brilliance. Although the song isn’t written and produced by Joe himself it’s surely a clear representation of his style and flavor. Directed by Hype Williams, Joe’s new video shows Joe in his typical dapper attire singing the silky sweet lyrics of “I’d Rather Have A Love.” Embracing simplicity, the video perfectly captures Joe’s vintage simplicity yet elegance.

Joe ‘Doubleback: Evolution of R&B’ album cover

Like many classic Joe albums DoubleBack: The Evolution Of R & B has some epic collaborations. Teaming up with Fantasia on a track titled “Love and Sex,” partnering with Too Short on a song called “1 to 1 Ratio” and finishing off with good friend Fat Joe on the remix of “I’d Rather Have A Love.” Filled with a mix of R & B love ballads, classic Joe vocals and his always pleasurable Hip-Hop and R & B collabs, DoubleBack: The Evolution Of R & B is shaping to be a fantastic album before it even hits the shelves.
Going back to his roots Joe produced and wrote a great deal on this particular project, similar to his formula when he first began in the industry. “That’s what I started out as, a writer, a producer and a musician, which led to me wanting to be an artist,” he explains passionately. Evolving in abundance since 1993 some may question when will Joe’s R & B reign end. With “I’d Rather Have A Love” tearing up the charts and his July 2nd release approaching, the answer seems to be no time soon.

Joe’s classic silky vocals and elegant ambience has propelled him into one of R & B’s top artists. Twenty years and counting Joe has dominated by staying focused and making the best music he can. His new single “I’d Rather Have A Love” is just a sample of the greatness that is featured on his latest project, DoubleBack: The Evolution Of R & B. The new album equates class, elegance and romance. With artist like Miguel, Frank Ocean and Chris Brown in the forefront of the R & B game, they should be wary, because on July 2nd they’ too will have to step aside to let one of the R & B Kings sit at his throne once more.

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