Marcus Canty – Maryland Native Shows Why He Has It Factor

Fresh off a performance at the Soul Train Music Awards, first season alumni of Fox’s X-Factor, Marcus Canty is working to live his dream. He was first introduced to music by listening to Stevie Wonder’s “Overjoyed” at the age of 11. Ten years later with the voice of older soulful man, the Maryland native relies on the joy of his family and his God-given talent. His first taste of the lights happened after he signed up for a show called, “Talent Rock.” Winning the competition included an acting scholarship to New York School for Film & Television. In New York, while getting an education he found time to place second at the historic “Showtime at the Apollo” talent show.  Soon thereafter he was taking prime time television by storm with her performances on the music competition based reality show, X-Factor.  Though he didn’t come out the big winner, he still got the attention of judge L.A. Reid who signed Canty to his Epic Records deal.

Canty describes his sound as R & B with a Pop twist and credits Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Usher as his idols.  Embarking on the task of creating his first album, Canty hopes for collaborations with Timbaland, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, as well as the legendary, Quincy Jones. Granting Parlé Magazine a few moments out of his recording and show schedule, Canty gave a short serenade displaying his honey-dipped voice, talked about performing at the Soul Train awards, his musical upbringing and life after X-Factor.  Check it out here:


Parlé Magazine: When did you decide you would make music your career?
Marcus Canty: My sophomore year of high school, I decided to focus on music because it took a hold on me and I knew that I wanted to make it a priority.

  You’ve been doing it for some time now, so after you were voted off on X-Factor was there ever a point where you were discouraged to continue?
Canty: When I came on the show, I was determined that no matter what I was going to make something of this opportunity. I had a lot of people that supported and believed in me before the show, I just had the chance to show people that I could be bigger.
Parlé: You’re debut EP, This Is… Marcus Canty will be released at the top of the year, you have to be excited.
Canty: I’m excited to see the growth and changes that I will be going through over the years. I think the process of it all makes it feel good in the end because I know I put my all into it and as an artist I can show people I am who I am. I definitely feel like I can change the game. This EP has some fun and young moments but it can also appeal to the grown and sexy people.

  Judging by the album title, is the project a true representation of you?
Canty: I didn’t write any songs but I had a hand in the direction that I wanted it to go. Tricky Stewart is the executive producer and we put our heads together to get the right sound. Being a new artist and having the opportunity to sit in on the process was a big deal but my label believes in me and my direction. It is a definite representation of myself though.

 What are your expectations going into this release?
Canty: I really don’t have any expectations, I just want my record to let people know that Marcus Canty is real. At the end of the day I’m happy with my EP and I want it to open some eyes out there.

Marcus Canty
From X-Factor star to breakout star

Parlé:  What motivates you to keep going?
Canty: I’m self-motivated and God. No matter what I do I can never forget who gave me this talent and this voice. I was given something special and I’m going to sing to stardom. My moms she is always there for me through everything.
Parlé: Who are some of your new school influences?
Canty: Usher because he has the gift too and no matter what happens to him you can never take his gift of singing from him and of course Beyoncé.
With confidence, a strong work ethic and that soulful voice, Marcus Canty is on a mission to become the next big thing. Hopefully he can sustain the need for talent rather than hit songs.

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