Family Time
, a comedy sitcom on Bounce TV chronicles the comical life of the Stallworth family in a modern day show that has them moving on up, like the Jefferson’s. Tony Stallworth (Omar Gooding), a contractor moves the family to the suburbs thanks to winning a fortune on a lottery ticket. Lisa Stallworth (Angell Conwell) is a stay-at-home mom whose only task is to juggle the antics of her husband and two teenage children (Jayla Calhoun and Bentley Kyle Evan, Jr.).

The show is now in its second season on Bounce TV and viewers can expect to see several familiar faces making guest appearances. Look for Lynn Whitfield, Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, Jackee, Richard Gant, Rodney Perry and Judyanne Elder in upcoming episodes. Gooding also said to expect some funny situations as the family transitions from the “hood” to the suburbs.

Everyone knows that Gooding is the younger brother of Cuba Gooding, Jr., but when I talked with Gooding a few unknown facts were revealed. He shares that his first job was at a pumpkin patch at the age of eight. A local florist allowed him to work seasonally during Halloween to take pumpkins to the customers’ cars for tips; and the same during Christmas with the trees. He also said he didn’t intend to be an actor, it kind of happened by accident one day when older brother Cuba’s agent asked him to read lines. After that, he started getting auditions and parts and before he knew it he succumbed to the acting bug. He really had hopes of being a rapper, going by the stage name Big O or doing stand up comedy—but clearly the apple doesn’t roll too far from the tree.

Angell, shared that her first love has always been acting and her very first job was landing a role on Law and Order as a witness. After realizing she was too short to be a model, she got involved in local plays and took classes to perfect her craft. In 1994, she moved to LA to pursue her dream full–time and in a few short years that decision paid off. Angell also shares that had she not gone into acting, her career choice would have been working with children as a teacher or child psychologist.

This is actually the second opportunity the duo has had to work with each other. They were a couple in the movie Baby Boy. Thiis likely explains why they have such great chemistry on the set of Family Time.

In between weekly filming of Family Time, both Angel and Omar have upcoming projects they are working on. Angell will be in a TV movie on UpTV titled, Life’s Journey about keeping family together; while Omar will be reprising Carter in the sequel to Percentage and another movie called Lap Dance (not intended for children, he adds).

Catch Family Time on Bounce TV, Thursday nights 10/9 CST (check your local listings). Follow Angell @AngellConwell and Omar @TheOmarGooding

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