Logan Browning Set To Shine Bright As Lead In Netflix Series, “Dear White People”

Logan Browning: When Television’s Young Stars’ Grow Up Before Our Eyes

Logan Browning? You may remember this young hot sensation from the 2009 hit TV series, “Meet the Browns,” playing the role of Brianne Gould. Since then, she’s landed roles in BET’s hit series “Hit the Floor,” as well as the critically acclaimed film, Brotherly Love. This coming Friday April 28, the new Netflix anticipated series, “Dear White People,” will place Browning in a much bigger light, while displaying her talents in a well deserved lead role.

“Dear White People,” the new Netflix series is an adaptation from the 2014 film of the same title. Upon the movie’s release, New York Daily News writer Jordan Hoffman stated in his review, “Dear White People, is a film of the moment, and an essential one at that.”

In the Netflix series, Logan Browning stars as “Samantha White,” a radio host at the Ivy League college of Winchester University.

Originally played in the film’s version by talented young actress Tessa Thompson, Logan Browning described her character to Black Girl Nerds as being “a rebel on campus with a radio show that has a response to a racist magazine titled Prestige.” While doing that, “her fellow students look to her to be the voice of the movement on campus, while still trying to figure out the right ways of living herself.” Browning also stated that “playing a character that has already been portrayed makes the role easier to relate to.”

From the official trailer teasers already released via YouTube, Logan Browning seems to add a bit more of spark to the rebellious character of Samantha, with a splash of whit! Much like her previous works, Browning continues to grow up and dazzle audiences with her daring and outspoken personality. Kind of hard to believe this is the same beloved teenage girl who was the innocent, adored character fans grew to know in the before mentioned TBS hit series “Meet the Browns.”

In the year of 2017, if the entertainment world wasn’t familiar with her then, they sure enough will be aware of who Logan Browning is after they witness her performance in the must see Netflix series “Dear White People”.

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