Natural Hair Care Tips for Cold Days

Winter can be a tough time for natural hair. With those cold harsh winds sapping out all the moisture it can be difficult to keep your hair looking fresh through ‘til spring. There are however, lots of things you can do to help keep your natural hair beautiful whatever the weather. From upping the moisture to steaming and oiling there’s a technique out there for everyone. To help your hair manage the trickiest of seasons here are our top hair care tips for cold days.

Up the moisture

The most important thing about hair care during winter is making sure your hair has enough moisture. Low temperatures, strong winds and a serious reduction in sunlight can all take their toll, leaving brittle and dry strands that don’t look good at all. To combat this problem, increase the amount you are moisturizing your hair from the first frost to the early spring days. That might mean more deep conditioning sessions or adding oil to the strands before you sleep. One of our related hair care tips for cold weather is to avoid anything that could extract moisture from hair such as washing too frequently. If you are worried about your locks, try reducing the amount you shampoo and see if that makes a difference. There are actually quite a few ways to improve conditioning, so if you need further hair care tips, you can read more here.

Steaming natural hair

One great way to lock that moisture in and keep your hair fresh during those long cold months is to get into a regular steaming habit. Steaming is the process of allowing your natural hair to absorb moisture from the atmosphere by pumping the surrounding vicinity full of steam. This is an especially useful technique for winter as it can also add moisture to dried out skin (another casualty of harsh winds) and is a lovely, warming activity to do when you’re cold. Either steam your hair naturally in the shower or get a dedicated steamer tool to do the job.  

Cover your hair

One of the best ways to protect your hair from the winter climate is simply to cover it up. On particularly cold days or when your hair is feeling fragile wrap it up or cover it in a hat before leaving the house. Try to avoid using cotton or wool fabrics as these can actively remove moisture from hair strands. Some women also find it helpful to cover their hair at night, considering the temperature drop. Doing so can also help prevent friction between hair and pillow causing the dreaded frizz.

These are our favorite hair care tips for keeping your ‘fro looking fresh during cool and breezy weather. When it comes down to it, a good natural hair look is all about the moisture content and this is what cold weather tends to challenge – so get out those steamers, apply that oil and you’ll be laughing all the way to spring.

Written by: Joana Teixeira
Main Image by Alexis Chloe

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