How To Get Shiny Hair: Helpful Tips That You Need To Know

Everything You Need To Know About How To Get Shiny Hair

Your hair has to put up with a lot day-to-day, so it’s easy for it to lose its original shine. However, there are plenty of things that you can do to make sure that doesn’t happen, without turning to expensive products. Following a daily health care regime and having a few natural tricks up your sleeve should do the job. If you’d like to know how to get shiny hair, check out these tips below!


Get rid of grime, and massage daily

If you need to know how to get shiny hair, a big part of it is making sure that it’s clean. That sounds obvious, but it needs to be countered by saying that you can’t overuse shampoo. We typically use a lot of shampoo to clean away the styling products that we use, so try to keep the products to a minimum. And when you do wash them away, try these tips instead of loading up on shampoo. Tip one is regular rinsing, even if it’s just with cool water, and tip two is daily massaging and combing. This will not only separate strands and give them room to breathe but it’ll also make sure that your scalp’s natural oils are distributed correctly to help support and maintain the shine.

These cleaning tips are helpful whether you have natural hair or it you’ve gotten your hair from a human hair products manufacturer like NEWHAIRBUY.


Watch what you eat

The way you eat will show up in the way you look and feel, and that’s no different with your hair. Without the right nutrients, vitality is lost, and your natural hair could look dull and your bouncy curls lifeless. Eating a balanced diet is a vital part of maintaining glossy and nicely textured hair–making sure that you get enough Omega 3 big part of that. Go for oily fish like mackerel, tuna, and sardines for an Omega 3 hit, and reap the benefits.

How To Get Shiny Hair
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Oil treatments

Natural hair is usually prone to dryness, so make sure that conditioning is a big part of your hair care routine. This is going to help keep it hydrated, shiny, and vibrant; there are certain types of oils that do a great job. Macadamia and coconut are two of the best and really help to restore moisture. They do a great job at rectifying the split end problem, and it will leave your curls with a lovely smooth texture. You don’t need to go too hard on the scalp, as there are plenty of natural oils there. Just make sure to focus on the ends, and leave the oil in for five minutes before rinsing as normal.


The excellence of eggs

Yes, eggs! And we’re not just talking about the benefits of eating them. If you’re wondering how to get shiny hair with eggs, it’s actually really simple. In the same way that oils provide moisture, eggs do, too, and the additional protein helps strengthen strands, as well. Just mix up two or three eggs in a bowl with a drizzle of olive oil, and whisk together. Next, shampoo your hair, and rub the mix in, leaving it for around five minutes to really penetrate. Finally, rinse out with lukewarm water. Now, you’re done!


So, there you have it! A handful of ways to maintain the glossy look throughout the year. Put them into practice, and your natural hair will stay shiny and your curls bouncy and fully texturized whatever the season. That’s a guarantee!

Written by: Joana Teixeira

Main photo by: Eye for Ebony (@eyeforebony) 

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