Whitney Houston’s Family “Disgusted” at Pusha T’s ‘Daytona’ Album Cover

This Is What Whitney Houston’s Family Had to Say About Pusha T’s Daytona Cover

It’s been two days since the release of Pusha T‘s third album, Daytona, on May 25th, but the talk surrounding the controversial cover art continues.

Exclusively reported by BOSSIP, the artwork, which features a 2006 photo of late songstress Whitney Houston’s drug-infested bathroom counter, has highly enraged the family of the musical icon, and they are completely “disgusted.”

“Nobody in their right mind would do this,” Houston’s first cousin, Damon Elliott, son of singer Dionne Warwick, told the gossip site. “And to promote an album? Is this what the music business has come to?”

According to Pusha, Kanye West, who is the producer of the album, paid $85,000 to use the image for the 41-year-old’s project and said it was a last minute decision. The photo captures drug paraphernalia and booze spread across Houston’s Atlanta home’s washroom sink, which is why Elliott feels that the cover is “exploiting their family tragedy and forcing them to relive traumatic memories.”

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“I can’t describe how disgusted I am,” Elliott stated after revealing that it was his young daughter who first alerted him of it. “He doesn’t realize what he’s doing to the babies, to the family. That’s the only reason I got upset.”

Additionally, he asserted that the family was blindsided by Pusha and West’s decision to use the shot, and he even questioned West’s mental health… as everyone has been doing for the past few months now.

“I think Kanye needs to get checked in somewhere,” he admitted. “Addiction and mental illness are real, and you’re witnessing it at the highest point. And I’m not here to bash him, I’m just speaking truth. I can’t imagine that he would just do this for the publicity.”

As a result, Elliott also said that he wants Pusha to change the artwork.

“I said it and I mean it, I want him to change the artwork. First of all, it’s none of his business. I know that it was a photo that was licensed, but who would do that?! It’s sick.”

Currently, Pusha and West have yet to comment or cite their stance on the situation.


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