The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist

To plan the perfect celebration for your special day, you need to think of a lot of things that need to be done. You need to prepare for clothes, entertainment, venues, events, giveaways, and lots more.

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When you start to plan for this once-in-a-lifetime event, you begin with an online search. Social media has a plethora of ideas and you could take inspiration for everything you need. In fact, when you actually look at the kind of things you can do, you will realize that social media increases wedding costs tremendously.

Here’s a comprehensive wedding checklist to help you complete all your tasks in the right manner:

Pre-planning Checklist

  1. Start a wedding folder or binder – Take a look at bridal, fashion, lifestyle, design, and food magazines to get ideas for your events.
  2. Plan your budget – This is the most important aspect. Determine how much you can spend. Weddings can be planned in varied budgets depending on your choices and preferences. There are several ways in which you can work out the economics of your wedding to plan it in an effective and efficient manner.
  3. Prepare the guest list – Create a head count database with information about all the guests you would like to invite. This will be used to decide on the number of invites, gifts, catering, venue size, and more.
  4. Find a planner – This is not necessary for all. A planner helps you take the right decisions since he/she has relationships and insights about vendors.
  5. Book your date and venues – Plan your events. How many functions would you like to do? Plan the dates on which you would like to organize these events and book the venues for the same. You can choose to have the wedding and the reception on the same day if the travel time between the two places is appropriate.

Vendor Checklist

  1. Photographers – A wedding ceremony is incomplete without a photographer who will capture all your special moments.
  2. Videographer – Hire a videographer who will record the entire ceremony. Make sure you check the work of the videographer and see if they can edit to create the right wedding movie.
  3. Entertainment – Attend gigs of potential acts to see who can provide your audience with the right entertainment.
  4. Caterer – If the venue you book doesn’t offer in-house catering, look for one outside and hire their services. Make sure that you do taste the food before you make the booking.
  5. Florists – These are important for making your wedding beautiful. Ask the florist for the different kinds of flowers they can arrange and if they have the expertise to decorate the venue.

Wedding Checklist

Self Checklist

While there are several things that you do to organize the event, there are a few things that you need to do for yourself as the bride or groom:

  1. Purchase your dress – If you are the groom, you need to finalize your suit and if you are the bride, you need to decide your reception gown and wedding outfit.
  2. Schedule hair and makeup artists – Book appointments with local experts and take trials. Choose the artist you like the most and book them for the event days.

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