3 Interior Design Trends That Are Making A Comeback in 2019

Interior Design Trends

Now that we’re a couple of weeks into 2019, we’re beginning to see some interior design trends emerging on the horizon. To be fair, quite a lot of them are being carried over from last year, such as industrial accents and natural fibers like wicker and woven grass. That said, there are quite a few interesting design elements making a comeback, so here’s our advice on how to make your home look fresh with these interior design trends for 2019.

Interior Design Trends Terrazzo Gold Specks Pattern
Terrazzo Gold Specks Pattern | Digital P” (Public Domain) by thedigitalpaperblog

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Of all the returning trends, this one has certainly surprised us. Terrazzo – the material with little speckles usually used for tiles – hasn’t been trendy for quite a few years now, and yet here it is looking better and more fashionable than ever. Considering the fact that 2018 was all about bold colors and atypical textures, it’s not really all that surprising that terrazzo is back. Plus, it’s hardwearing due to the fact it’s usually formed from marble, quartz, granite, or glass, so you get form and function all in one trendy tile. We do recommend you avoid any overpowering color combos, though, as it seems neutral tones are the most popular at the moment and will probably complement the rest of your home better than glaring reds or sparkly black options.

Vintage Lighting

 Interior Design Trends - Vintage Lighting

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Remember when farmhouse-style kitchens became all the rage a few years back? Well, it seems like our collective love for all things vintage and homey has taken over the world of light fixtures completely. While simple vertical drop lights and spotlights were once the staples that were in everyone’s homes, now it’s all about sconces, pendants, and lanterns. Arguably the biggest comeback has been chandeliers, which are now available in vintage and modern varieties at most fashion-forward sites and stores. For instance, specialist lighting retailer lights.co.uk, which stocks over 30,000 products in total, has dozens of crystal, country, modern, classic, Florentine and designer chandeliers. Honestly, no matter how you may think you feel about chandeliers, chances are there’s a couple out there that will fit your style perfectly. Still, if you’re not completely sold on chandeliers, remember there are also plenty of other vintage light fixtures to check out too.

Dark Greens

If you visited Pinterest any point in the last few years, chances are every interior design post would feature all white walls. White ceilings, white chimney breasts, white alcoves, even white floors some of the time. While it’s all well and good having a crisp, fresh look, we’re happy to say that the days of white-everything seem to be coming to an end. Now, dark colors are in, specifically dark greens. They’re appearing in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and even in furniture. Maybe this trend has been inspired by society’s mermaid renaissance or maybe because we seem to love bringing natural elements into our homes. Whatever it is that’s inspired this dark green comeback, we’re here for it.

We don’t expect you to redecorate your entire home to fit in with these trends, but it might be an idea to start adding accessories with dark greens and terrazzo into the mix if you really like them. You can also never really go wrong when it comes to vintage lighting, as most styles tend to transcend whatever the rest of the room they’re in is doing. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you do it because you like it and not just because it’s trendy!

What are your thoughts on these interior design trends?  Let us know in the comments.


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