The Five Most Romantic Movies for Couples

Whether you are married, single, divorced, in a new relationship or you just want something to create a bond with your plus size Indian women, romantic movies are perfect for every situation. Watching a love story unfold is a remarkable way for couples to appreciate their relationship. They add some special spark to your relationship. Wouldn’t you like that?

So snuggle up and get cozy watching some remarkable romantic movies that are perfect for couples.

The Notebook

Somewhat an odd couple falls madly in love when they are still teens. As fate would have it, the girl’s parents, as well as circumstances, separate them. They find each other several years later, and the spark is reignited. What makes the story interesting is the fact the boy is a poor country boy, and the girl comes from a rich city family. The boy does not fit in the picture of a wealthy, blue-blooded husband the girl’s parents would want for their daughter. So they take the girl away to a women-only college. 

Unaware of the parental deception, each of them is devastated by the seeming betrayal by each other. They rebuild their lives away from each other, but ‘fate’ intervenes and brings them back together for a second time several years later. The Notebook is incredible!

Happy Anniversary

Is your Indian matrimony past the honeymoon phase? If yes, you probably have had some rough days and fights with each other. Your story may be similar to that of some of Molly and Sam in Happy Anniversary. The couple’s spark is already gone, and they are contemplating whether or not to fight for their marriage. Most romantic movies plot around two people who are newly in love but it is refreshing to watch a movie involving a couple who are beyond this stage in their love life.


Fireproof is about a lout of a man who is selfish and taking his wife for granted. The wife is almost leaving him when reality hits him, and he does a u-turn. He changes completely and begins to love her unconditionally. He treats her right. The way the man changes and starts pursuing her wife is definitely romantic. Fireproof shows that even in those difficult relationships, things can be turned around when people decide to fight for love.

Letters to Juliet

A young girl comes across a letter that was left 50 years ago. She decides to send a reply, thereby setting in motion two former lovers who separated a long time ago, discovering each other again. In the meantime, the girl discover new things about herself and explores the meaning of love. You will definitely love Letters to Juliet

Sleeping with Other People

Do you like films with some chemistry? This is your movie. It is about a couple who lose their virginity to each other but mutually agree to leave it at that. It was a one night stand. They meet several years later in a sex addict meeting but decide to be non-sexual friends. However, things get more difficult as their attraction to each other becomes uncontrollable. 

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