How to Get Rid of Old, Beat-Up Cars: 5 Reliable Options

Old Beat-Up Cars

Over 14 million tons of steel are recycled each year in the United States from junk cars.

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Recycling is one of the best things that you can do with a junk vehicle that can no longer run. But what other options do you have when getting rid of these run-down vehicles?

Continue reading to discover the best options that you have when dealing with old beat-up cars!

  1. Junk Yard the Car 

Dealing with old beat-up cars can be frustrating, especially when they are immobile.

If you have a vehicle that doesn’t budge, you may have to hire someone to transport the car to the junkyard. Some junkyards may be able to assist you by picking them up.

You should always call the junkyard before taking your car there. Sometimes they won’t accept vehicles so it is important to communicate with them.

  1. Donate Your Vehicle 

Doing something nice doesn’t just involve paying for someone’s coffee or donating them clothing and toys.

There are many companies that you can donate your vehicle to help someone out. These businesses are typically nonprofit and help out individuals with transportation needs.

Besides getting rid of your old car, you will be able to write it off on your taxes!

  1. Sell to a Used Dealership 

Depending on the condition of your vehicle, you may be able to make some money off of it by selling it to a dealership.

Going to a used-dealership can open up your options and allow you the perfect opportunity to get rid of that car once and for all. If you think that a dealership would give you money, you can typically stop into the dealership for an estimate.

If you decide to sell junk car parts or vehicles, there is an excellent dealership in the Ohio state area.

  1. Scrap It

If you car is no longer a car, but instead metal scraps, you can still get rid of them and make some cash.

Many scrap yards will take metal and wiring. These materials can be recycled for other projects and you can earn a couple of hundred dollars depending on the quality of your car.

  1. Sell It Yourself 

Sometimes a car may be too beat up to sell back to a dealership, but there are other options of selling.

A great way to get rid of an older car is by selling it yourself. Not only will you get the car out of your way but it is also an opportunity to make some money. Many people list cars on sites like AutoTrader and Craigslist.

This can be complicated however if you owe payments on your vehicle.  To help with that, here’s how you get rid of a car with a lien.

Get the Most out of Old Beat-Up Cars

Do you have a vehicle or two sitting in the garage that is just collecting dust?

There are many things that you can do with old beat-up cars. The first thing that you should do is determine if you can drive it. If the vehicle is still in good condition you can likely sell it yourself or to a dealership.

When your car is beaten up beyond repair you can take it to the junk or scrap yard to make a little extra cash.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles with automotive tips and quick ways to make money!

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