“Black Panther” Head Trainer Corey Calliet Shares His Top Fitness Tips

Just in time for some of this warmer weather we’ve been having and with Spring approaching, celebrity trainer and body transformation specialist Corey Calliet has some tips for getting your body right for Summer and beyond.

Corey Calliet was the man that helped train Michael B. Jordan for his role as Adonis in the film “Creed”.  Corey was also the head trainer for the box office mega hit, “Black Panther” starring Angela Basset, Michael B. Jordan, Sterling K. Brown, and Forest Whitaker among other. His ability to transform both mind and body makes him highly sought after by celebrities, professional athletes, and those requiring drastic changes to their physique.

1. Develop a daily habit of physical activity.
Let’s live in the place between comfort and discomfort, always push yourself, but work within your limitations. Establish the habit of physical activity by maybe going to the gym, taking a hike, or something as simple as a light walk. You will determine the level of difficulty you want to be on. What may also help will be doing that activity at the same time every day.

Above all make sure you are having fun!

2. Prepare for success.
If you do not prepare then you will not have the level of success that you wish to have. Set those fitness goals and execute them! The one thing that will guarantee your success will be meal prepping. Seek professional help when it comes to your nutrition, to make sure you are eating the correct foods. Prepare your meals for a couple of days in advance, this will limit eating out and can actually save you more money in the long run! Not to mention the great results you will see in your physique.

3. Stay hydrated!
Since you will be more active than you are used to, hydration will be crucial to your fitness results. Staying hydrated is good for your overall health because it helps regulate your body temperature, removes waste, and lubricate your joints. The benefits are pretty important, plus staying hydrated will ensure that your journey to your fitness success is smooth and painless.

Corey Calliet
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4. There will be ups and downs.
Don’t throw in the towel! So you had that cookie you shouldn’t have. That doesn’t mean the fight is over! Remain calm and always remember, It is NOT a linear process. Yes, it would be easier if it was, but there will be a couple hurdles you will have to jump. Just always remember why you started and what the big picture is.

5. Don’t obsess over the numbers.
You may have heard that weighing yourself everyday will help keep track of your progress. Yet it can go the other way, and you want to keep your mind at ease. So many things can alter the number on that scale. If you’re not drinking enough water, raising your salt intake, and even if you’re stressed, so try weighing yourself every two weeks. This will make sure that you don’t obsess over the number on the scale and quit later because your results are constantly changing.

Corey Calliet
In addition to training the stars and everyday people, Corey is a Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Sponsored Athlete, a motivational speaker, a passionate advocate for the fight against childhood obesity, and a devoted father of one. Corey is also currently filming E!’s new show “Revenge Body” by Khloe Kardashian, which premiered in January, and he is a Beats Brand Ambassador.

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