How To Prepare For A Big Engagement

Prepare For A Big Engagement

Nerve-wracking, special and exciting: proposing might be one of the happiest moments of your life, as long as you get it right. Preparing for it can feel like quite a demanding task, but most of that pressure is the weight of expectation. Getting engaged can be exhilarating and incredibly emotional, but you want to ensure you’ve not only got the tone right but that you’ve also picked the right moment to propose in the first place.

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Get The Tone Right

When you’re proposing to your long-term partner, it’s important that you get the tone right. This doesn’t just mean laying down some rose petals, candles and opening a bottle of bubbly – although all of those can be great. It’s about getting it right for your special someone. If they’re not overly fond of gratuitous displays of affection, then you need to make sure that you cultivate an atmosphere that is right for them. If you’re worried that you need to take it down a peg, then think about ways in which you can set the tone in a way that is unique to you as a couple. Maybe find a space that inspires a happy memory, or somewhere that is particularly significant to you both. Whether it’s low-key or high-key, just make sure the mood suits them down to the ground.

Get That Ring

Getting your engagement ring without so much as a glimpse from your partner can feel like the biggest task of all. It might even feel relatively impossible to purchase a ring without them spying it. You can now buy custom diamond engagement rings online, which is perfect if you want to get it delivered to your place of work instead of your home address. Click here to learn more.


You are about to take a huge step in your relationship, so one of the biggest steps you need to mentally take is making sure you are emotionally ready to get engaged. Don’t pop the question because you’ve had pressure from friends or family: get ready to make the move because you fundamentally feel it is the right step to take. So, before you buy the ring, light the candles or play the romantic music, check-in with yourself first.


Has your partner mentioned a stressful work week on the horizon? Have they had family problems in the last month or so? While you may be eager to pop the question as soon as possible, it’s worth considering whether now really is the right time or not to get down on one knee. Make sure you are 100% confident that your loved one is absolutely in the right place to accept your proposal; this not only ensures that you get the answer you’re hoping for, but also that you both get to cherish the moment to the fullest without any regrets. If you are planning on getting engaged, remember that timing is everything. There’s no harm in getting the ring well ahead of time and then waiting for the right moment.

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