Glasses 101: Which Type Suits You the Best?

Glasses 101

Glasses are quite affordable accessories, and not only do they correct your vision, but they also make you look stylish as well. 

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The history of glasses dates back to the 13 century in Italy. Countries all over the world had been since experimenting with optics but to no avail. The 11th-century Arabic text of Book of the Optics led to the creation of modern eyeglasses. 

Through the continuous evolution of such a reliable tool, eyeglasses become a trend with the classic style. In the late 1700s, the oversized square eyeglasses worn by Elton John became an instant trend. Fast-forwarding in time, the first Aviator was introduced by pilots in 1900. Today, the masses embrace a wide variety of styles, from full-frame and semi-rimless frame glasses to powered sunglasses and 1001 Classic glasses, as recommended by optometrists. 

So, what type of glasses suits you the most?

Full frame glasses

A full-frame supports the entire lens and uses a metallic, plastic, or polycarbonate frame. Full frame glasses are comparatively heavier than the other types of structures when it comes to weight. However, the size of its frame gives the user a full-bodied look, whereas half-frame styles are ideal for a more sophisticated look.

If you’re going for the thick corrective lenses, a full rim eyeglass is right for you. But if your lenses are too thin, a full-frame can hold it much better. This kind of frame is also sturdy and can resist accidental drops.


Full rim glasses

Full-rim eyeglasses are ideal for athletes with an inclination to physical activities. This type is advisable for kids for the same reason. It can hold glasses together and are less likely to break during physical activity.

There are a lot of variations and colours for full rim eyeglasses and there’s a fit for everyone. It also has inbuilt nose pads, making these glasses more comfortable for the eyes.


Rimless glasses

Businessmen commonly use rimless glasses for their elegance at informal occasions such as meetings and the closing of a deal. You can buy this glass from an optometrist or from shops that preserve the traditional style to the modern generation.

Rimless glasses are made with better technology. With this eyeglass, you will have a better peripheral vision. Hence, an optometrist can provide you with accurate lenses. The main advantage of the rimless glasses is that it’s very light. It would not put too much pressure on the nose, and it does not irritate you even if you wear it for long periods.


Half-rim glasses

These do not have a complete rim structure around the lens. It has a solid structure over the top of the lenses, which reduces its weight. This is very ideal for people who are always on the go and travel a lot. 

Also, half rim glasses give the person a more sophisticated and classic look. Having half rim glasses is best for people that have a diamond face shape. Choosing the best frame that fits the shape of your face can make a significant difference. You wouldn’t want to invest in something that doesn’t complement your overall look.


Understanding these types of frames can help you understand which glasses are appropriate for you. So, the next time you visit an optometrist, consider trying out different frames in order to find the best one that would fit your personality. You can visit an optometrist or even get Classic Glasses from 1001 Optical. The choice is yours!


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