How To Help Your Kids Learn More Effectively

Learn More Effectively

There are many organizations around the world well-known for its education system and teaching methods. But, none can take away the fact, that the children today are in a constant run of becoming better. While every child has its own capability to learn and perform, here are a few tips to accelerate learning in your child and help them learn more effectively, that are common for everyone: 

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Let your child decide what they want to learn

Every parent wants their child to do well in their academics. This often leads to the development of a scenario where the children are just being fed information through various channels. This will not help the child’s learning process in any way. Engaging with the information they receive and then asking questions to improve their understanding of a topic is the correct way to help them progress.

Instead of passively feeding information to your child, you must allow them to decide what they wish to learn. This means that when you are starting a new book, ask them to look at the title and explore their thoughts about its matter. At the end of the book, ask them to reason as to why the title was chosen for the book or what was their favourite moment in the entire story. Activities like this will help your child to develop their thinking capabilities and will not limit them to just school topics. Helping them in establishing their learning goals will also boost their interest to learn new things.

Make the topic emotionally relatable

Simply asking your child to learn something won’t give the desired result. Try and attach emotions or real-life incidents to the topic, it will help in effective learning and long-term retaining of the matter. The emotions range from simple curiosity to a sense of justice and anger.

Understand how your child feels about a particular topic. Personal feelings towards a topic can help the child understand it better and enables quicker learning. It is difficult to forget about a topic when your child has an emotional connect to it. Whatever you are teaching them, explain it with a lot of relatable examples. This will encourage them to learn about the topic’s applicability in real life and also help them relate to it on a personal level by associating it with certain events of their life.

Help them find their learning style

Learning isn’t a simple exercise of memorizing stuff. Learning is an elaborate process that helps your child understand a topic or concept in depth and apply it in real life. Sitting in front of a book and reading it for hours isn’t the only way to learn something. Each individual has a different style of learning.

Understanding your child’s learning style won’t be a piece of cake. You’ll have to spend quite a lot of hours trying various ways of teaching. You can also evaluate your child’s learning capability via different gifted summer programs. Then you will have to analyze the results of each method to figure out the best among them. Once you figure out their learning style, it will become relatively easier for you to explain even difficult concepts. Since you have now discovered the learning pattern that interests your child the most, the study hours will not annoy him/her and will also improve their ability to retain the matter for a longer period of time.

Teach them the value of practice.

It’s easy to get discouraged if we don’t get something done right the first time we try it. This attitude is far more susceptible among young children. When they are unable to do something well in the first attempt, they get discouraged and lose hope in the activity altogether. Now, it is your job, as a parent, to help them overcome this attitude of wanting to be perfect in the first attempt. Mastering the art of learning requires investing time.

Teach your child the value of practice and the long hours of effort. You don’t become Elvis just by playing the guitar once. If your child is not feeling confident while learning a concept, ask them to practice it regularly. As the age-old proverb goes, ‘Practice makes a man perfect!’

Consider online tutoring

Online tutoring is becoming increasingly popular as a means of assisting children to become better learners. Along with trying out other methods, you should also look for good online tutors like Etutorworld, who will facilitate your child’s learning process and help them in their quest to understand concepts better and retain it for a long time.

Lastly, remember that every child is unique with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Don’t overburden them with your expectations and stand by them like a pillar of support in success or failure.

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