Six Ways To Support A Family Member In Need

You may have family members that ask you for money, or your family members might get stuck when they travel to foreign countries. You can use the six tips listed below to help a family member or a loved one, and you can tailor your support to the situation. You can send someone money in an emergency, or you could send money to someone who runs a struggling business. Other tips will help with transportation or household goods so that your family members can thrive.

1. Send Money To Someone Who Is Struggling

Find a trusted money order location that helps you send or receive money. When you are sending money to a loved one, you can send money directly to their bank account using a transfer office. You can send cash to someone who can pick up cash from a local office, and you can send them specific bills that will help.

Sending specific bills is helpful if someone needs to pay for a taxi, buy a meal, or buy transportation tickets.

2. Send Money Or Documents Overseas

You can use your local transfer office to send money to a foreign country when your family members are stranded. Someone who has lost their passport may need you to send copies of travel documents to the local consulate. You could run errands back home when your family members need you to accomplish tasks for them, and you can even go to their bank to send money to their location.

3. Send A Grocery Delivery

You can send a grocery delivery to your relatives when you know they are struggling financially. Most major grocery store chains allow for delivery, and you can order their groceries online. The groceries can be delivered when you know your relatives will get home, and you can send them specific items that you know they love.

If your relatives have talked to you about what they need, you can send special items like diapers, formula, milk, bread, or other basics. Plus, you can send special grocery items that help your relatives eat healthily.

4. Let Them Borrow Your Vehicle/Carpool

When you want to help family members who are in need, you could lend them your vehicle or allow them to join your carpool. Make sure they know how to drive your car. If they cannot, you should make time to pick them up in the morning. This is a simple way to help your loved ones get the transportation they need.

If your loved ones cannot join your carpool, you can buy them a bus pass or train ticket that they can use repeatedly. You can refill the card that they use to get on public transportation in your city, or you could give them money for cab fare the next time you see them.

5. Take Them Out To Dinner

While you may have sent groceries to your loved one, it might help to take them out to dinner. Going to dinner is a good time for your loved ones to eat well, talk, and get your advice. You can help your relatives when they feel they are in a bad position in life.

You can give your loved one advice while you sit down for a nice meal, and you can buy them anything they want to eat. This is a luxury that your loved ones might not be able to afford, and you can help them enjoy a night out while they ask you what to do. You cannot take them to dinner every night, but you can make time to sit at the table with them for several hours.

6. Allow Them To Stay In Your Home

Someone who is struggling might have been evicted or kicked out of the place where they live. You can take in a relative or loved one when they have no other place to stay. You should try to set a time limit for their stay because you do not need a roommate, but you can try to make them as comfortable as possible.

As mentioned above, you could add your relative to your carpool because they live with you. You can help them with groceries, and you can teach them how to save money.


When you are helping relatives in need, you can use each tip above depending on the situation. Someone who traveling abroad may need you to send money. You can send travel documents if your relative is stranded, and you can run errands around town that will help your loved ones get home. You can bring your relative into your home, or you can add them to your carpool. You might take a loved one out to dinner because they need some advice, or you can have groceries delivered to their home as a surprise.

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