4 Tips for Planning a Minimalist Wedding

When it comes to saying ‘I do’, love is all you need! Why spend thousands and thousands on unimportant aspects, such as flowers and an exorbitant venue, when you can keep it simple and minimalistic in the best way possible? Here are some tips.

Know Where to Save and Where to Splurge

This is so important when it comes to a successful minimalist wedding. For example, while you don’t want to spend an endless amount on décor and the like, you definitely don’t want to skimp in terms of capturing the moment. Spend that little bit extra on a reputable photographer and video production company, like A Wing Visuals.

Cut the Guest List

The longer the guest list, the higher the expenses. Plus, who needs to have their uncle’s third cousin and every single acquaintance that they have ever made watching them get married? It is much more intimate and special to have only your nearest and dearest in attendance. Having fewer guests means the opportunity to choose a smaller, less expensive wedding venue, keep the catering simple, and whittle down any pretention.

Scope Out a Lovely Little Venue

As already mentioned, smaller venues are ideal for minimalist weddings. However, some might still come with a hefty price tag attached. As such, you might want to consider taking your plans one step further to keep things simple and affordable.

Instead of a traditional garden wedding venue, for example, consider getting married at a pretty little guest house or at home in your own space. The former is a wonderful idea because it allows you and your handful of guests to make the experience all the more special and perhaps stay the night as part of the occasion. Doing so will still prove endlessly cheaper than selecting a traditional venue for weddings.

Take a DIY Approach

If you still want to indulge in the classic aspects of a wedding, such as a colorful flower bouquet or gorgeous centerpieces, you can save a lot of money by doing the hard work yourself. Head out to the florist, grab some supplies, and craft your own bouquet, or get yourself some paint and a few other artistic resources and create your centerpieces from scratch. It will require a lot more effort, but it will be worth it in the end.

You could even think about applying the same DIY approach to the catering and the wedding cake. Or rope in a family member or friend who is an exceptional cook to help you out. If you can’t quite see yourself baking a three-tiered wedding cake, how about beautiful white wedding cupcakes instead? Not only are they easier to perfect, but they are rather trendy at the moment, too.

Creating a stunning minimalist wedding is very simple if you give yourself enough time to plan and are strategic about cutting costs. Don’t forget to make various bookings in terms of your venue, photographer, and videographer as far in advance as possible in order to avoid disappointment.

Image by khomsant doungsai from Pixabay

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