Hip-Hop Fashion Items that You Should Try

With the fashion industry constantly changing and evolving, it can be tough going out to buy clothes and accessories, as what you buy could easily fall out of fashion days after the purchase. Looking even further into the industry, there are subgenres of fashion, like hip-hop, with its own set of clothing and trends. It can be difficult to decide what to purchase and what to wear in regards to these smaller genres of fashion. Fortunately, some staple items will stay popular and trendy for long periods of time to come, making them smart purchases. Not only do these items look good, but they will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd and get you noticed by other people. Here are some hip-hop fashion items that you should try.

Tennis Chains

Tennis chains are a staple of hip-hop fashion and are known for their distinct shine and size as they hang around the person’s neck. These chains can also easily be customized, adding an emblem onto them, giving the chain a more personalized look. These chains are most often worn by rappers and have even been popularized by celebrities like Drake. Tennis chains do not have to be that expensive either. Sure, some of them can cost extremely large amounts of money, but there are many affordable options for you if you are looking to save some money. You can find a wide range of the best tennis chains here to help personalize your look and get the attention you want. Once you find a chain you like and within your price range, you can easily customize it to make it yours. This piece is guaranteed to make you stand out from your friend group and get the attention that you are looking for. If you are looking to get into hip-hop fashion, make sure that you get yourself a tennis chain.

Fitted Caps

Fitted caps have been iconic for years within the hip-hop industry and do not appear to be fading out anytime soon. When looking for a fitted cap to fit this style, it is important that you do not get one with a curve. A flat brim is mandatory for fitting in with hip-hop culture. Another staple in regards to fitted caps is the sticker on the brim. Many people do not remove this sticker as it adds to the appeal of the hat. The size of the hat is another thing to consider when shopping. The hat should be able to fit comfortably, but it also should be slightly large. If the hat you buy is too big, you will have trouble keeping it on your head, but if it is not loose enough, it will not portray the hip-hop look. After you have picked up your chain, ensure that you are getting a hat to add to the style.


Another big item to consider when attempting to re-create hip-hop fashion would be shoes. Shoes are an extremely important item with this trend and the wrong shoe can completely ruin your outfit. Generally, people pick up basketball style shoes or skater shoes and ensure that their color schemes pop and are noticeable. Always remember that every item you have has to stand out and bring more attention to you. The shoes must look casual, but also need to have an elegant look to them, allowing you to get into areas that have dress codes with ease. If shoes are not your thing, tan-colored working boots are a perfect substitute for this fashion style. These boots are extremely comfortable and are versatile for many different situations. Get yourself a new pair of shoes or boots to replicate the hip-hop style.

Bomber Jackets

Finally, bomber jackets are essential for any hip-hop dresser. These jackets are iconic for their fitted elastic straps on the cuffs and the bottom of the jacket. Rappers like Drake have brought these jackets into the forefront of fashion again and as a result, many people are wearing them. The jackets should be simple but should also feature a logo or something on it to once again attract attention. These jackets are also great for the colder months as they can help keep you warm. Give a bomber jacket a try if you are looking for hip-hop fashion items.


Recreating a hip-hop look is easy and difficult at the same time. The items themselves are not too difficult to obtain but making them all work together is where the challenge is. If you can pull the look off, you are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd and get the attention that you deserve.

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