Jesse Neo Launches the Music Platform of the Future – Gemtracks

Amidst the unprecedented times raging on now, singer, songwriter and producer, Jesse Neo, has come forward with an interesting platform that promises to showcase the true potential of music creation from across the world. As an artist, the Australia native already has a collection of self-released music, many of them positively reviewed in publications such as Huff Post and RESPECT Magazine.

With an innate ability to reinvent himself and to stay versatile, this music artist has moved over from electronic music into hip hop, a difficult change for the ordinary, but not for him.

Future of music collaborations

Initially Jesse Neo found it hard to find a publishing company willing to pay for an electronic artist to produce rap beats, so he needed an alternative place to house his unused tunes. That’s how his startup, Gemtracks, was born. It is basically an online store for artists and producers to buy and sell music.

Though this is not entirely a new phenomenon, the concept of buying unique beats has impressed a lot of music producers already. Some of Jesse’s beats sold as high as $600 as the rights for the beats are transferred to the buyer, giving them the creative freedom to use the beats as they would want to. 

The old method of manually talking to clients and discussing with them how a beat should sound like before committing to the composition is now gone. Gemtracks is bringing in a new simplified system where you can select the beats you like and buy them with a few clicks. This gives the power of freedom of choice to the buyer, and the music artist who sells the beats to have no restrictions of what type of beats to create.

“A lot of people found the unique selling point of Gemtracks interesting,” Jesse continued. “So I decided to turn Gemtracks into public marketplace for musicians everywhere to sell their beats, and indie artists and companies to purchase them to use in their own projects. Actually, beats sold on Gemtracks have earned more than a million streams so far! The most popular are hip hop beats as I am currently very involved with that type of music.” 

Jesse Neo Launches Gemtracks

Power to the artists

Gemtracks has already attracted some famous producers who have signed up to host their unused beats. Some of these producers include Milana Leybovich, Lucas Gold, Beowulf, Taylor Carroll amongst more. If the future is as promising as the past few months, the list is only set to improve. 

Jesse is hoping Gemtracks will become the go-to spot for musicians to collaborate, either to buy or to sell beats. There is also an interesting blog to read on the site and he is even working on a section to mentor new artists. After all, he has quite a bit of experience in the music world. 

Gemtracks is wonderful place for musicians to create an income for themselves online or to find beats for their productions. If you are an artist or producer, make sure you head over to find some beats for sale now!

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