YOU MAD??? Why “WAP” Got You In Your Feelings

Why are men so upset by something that has women so excited?

I think it’s safe to assume we’re all sexist, in the same way I think it’s safe to assume we all contain some level of anti-blackness (black people included). Unless we’ve undergone the deep work of decolonizing our minds (yes- sexism is a spawn of racism)- this is the default perspective. Mind decolonization, for most, is a lifelong process. But I digress. 

WAP! WAP brought out a whole top grade of sexists to play in the same way the Trump administration has truly exposed undercover racists. And she loves it! (When I say, she, I mean me). And actually, no, nevermind. These anti-WAP boys dressed in men’s bodies probably haven’t been that deep in disguise. We WAP-toting warriors just gotta be on top of recognizing the signs. 

These are the guys you find lurking the dark web, exclaiming how they’re so nice but women only want the bad guys; they the ones complaining about WAP vulgarity while blasting songs like “Slob On My Knob”; they the ones who beat up their lil sister’s prom date for absolutely nothing except his own guilty conscience of knowing deep in his soul that he is the actual trash needing to be taken out. This the guy asking his girl if she’s down for a threesome meanwhile breaking down when she suggests an open relationship. 

I actually find the song, “Slob on My Knob,” to be quite fun and enjoyable almost as much as I do “WAP.” I also find nothing wrong with having conservative standards and thinking “WAP” to be too explicit for your taste. The issue is when the standards towards sexual expression are not upheld equally across the genders. 

And for the guys whining that they “just don’t get it,” pretending to try to understand, “Are they saying they are hoes or celebrating hoedom?” and asking, “Can you explain it to me?” Consider this: The song is not meant for you. Consider this: You are not meant to express your opinion on every single topic. Consider this: What she (when I say she-I mean Cardi, Megan, ya mama, ya sister, ya wife, ya girlfriend, ya neighbor, ya ex) does, says, raps, sings about her own WAP is none of your business.

Ladies and otherwise defined – I pray that she (your WAP) is able to avoid such WAP unworthy creeps.

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