Spice Up Your Long Relationship With A Romantic Date

Plenty of us have already been there. You’re in a long-term relationship, perhaps even married. Everything is fine; better than fine. Things are going just dandy. You have a loving partner, you either meet up on a daily basis or live together, you never run out of things to talk about, you know each other inside out. You probably even fight every now and then but, then again, that is all a part of a healthy relationship. However, couples sometimes tend to find themselves having a bit of a routine. Both of you picked up similar habits and are now comfortable doing that over trying something else that perhaps takes more effort or offers an unknown outcome. After all, there’s nothing wrong with staying in and chilling over your favorite show on Netflix, right?

Well, while that statement surely can be true, it doesn’t hurt to step outside a comfort zone as a couple. And by that I mean you could do even minor, simple things like playing JerkDolls sex games together or going for a romantic date. It’s surprising how many couples stop going to dinners to restaurants just because they are now together and don’t need to court each other anymore. And, while it is true that a homecooked meal can be just as good while saving you a ton of money and not forcing you to go out, that’s often not something you’d do on a first date. Remember the good old days when there were butterflies in your stomach as you awkwardly did your best to impress the other party, being all kinds of silly and stupid before both of you finally relaxed and clicked?

It’s impossible to relive those moments again as you are different people now and your relationship is something else entirely, but you can still go for those bits and pieces that make life great. Book a table at that expensive restaurant you’ve never been to. Spend an unreasonable amount of money on food you’ve never tasted before. Try something different. If nothing else, at least you’ll later get to talk and brag how you’ve eaten at “that place” once. Put on your fancy suits and dresses, suit up for an extravagant night and forget about anything else for the rest of the day. There will be no business done or phone calls answered, just the two of you.

While not everyone is into interactive sex games or thinks those “pretend you’re only just meeting” schemes people do to spice things up actually work, going the extra mile and doing something different as a couple can really spark something in both of you. You might subconsciously find yourself thinking about your first night together, whether it was silly and clumsy or a complete blast of naughty action. Additionally, alcohol might help loosen both of you up, and, at least for a night, you can go back to being a new boyfriend and girlfriend.

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