These 9 Decor Details Have a HUGE Impact on Your Home

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With the right amount of decor details, you’ll create a one-of-a-kind apartment. Here are some ideas to help you decorate your home.

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You might have heard of the expression “it’s all in the details,” and this saying couldn’t be more accurate. 

Having unique details in your apartment can make a huge difference. 

If you’re on the fence about adding elements with details, don’t be. There’s no time like the present to start transforming your interiors!

With the right amount of decor details, you’ll create a one-of-a-kind apartment. Let’s get started by giving you some ideas! 


1. Line the Back of a Bookshelf 

Lining the back of a bookshelf with fabric is a clever way to add texture. If it’s easier, attach it to a thin board instead of stapling fabric to the bookshelf itself. Make sure the measurements are accurate, though, so it’ll fit inside. 

Add a fabric board to each shelf, and you’ll be pleased with the results.

After the fabric is in place, match it to your decor. Doing this will make your bookshelf and elements stand out and complement the room. 

2. Make a Statement With Unique Wall Art Frames

Instead of selecting a basic frame for your artwork, get something that makes a statement.

Look for frames that are uniquely shaped or have elements such as stained glass around the edges. 

A circular frame with a collage of photos will enhance your home decor. Place it in a living room or bedroom, and it’ll be pleasing to the eye!

And what about hanging frames with brass around the edges? Decorations like this will add the perfect amount of style to your apartment. 

3. Get Creative With Different Shapes 

Who says you have to stick with all the same shapes in a room? 

Switch things up in your dining room! Make a point to incorporate a rectangular table with rounded dining chairs.

Playing with different shapes in any room will make the layout whimsical and fun. You’ll be proud of your hard work because the room will take on an imaginative life of its own! 

4. Have Fun With Letters and Words

Text-based decorations make fantastic details in any space.

Having a word that means a lot to you, such as “Faith,” will make a big impact in a room. 

Metal wall art is one idea, and framed prints with quotes could also hang on the wall. 

A script metal design that says “Gather” is the perfect touch for a dining room. Friends and family who dine together will love seeing this particular word on the wall! 

And have you heard of basket wall art with a metal word in the middle of the basket? Talk about an innovative piece of decor! 

5. Add Some Abstract Sculptures

Even if modern abstract sculptures aren’t your cup of tea, consider sneaking one into your interior. After seeing how it brings character to the room, you may change your mind!

A sculpture of an animal or character will strike up a conversation when guests come over. 

If you love llamas, place a few of these beautiful animals on top of your dresser.

A sculpture of a parent playing with her child is also a touching piece. It would look fantastic in a child’s bedroom, as long as it’s out of their reach. You don’t want to fall and break or hurt them!

6. Make Your Apartment Shine 

Shiny decorations aren’t only for the holidays. 

Have fun with glitzy decorations like this shiny gold starburst piece

If you’re all for the glitz and glamour, these types of decorations will make your dreams come true. 

Here are a few other shiny decorations and furniture pieces that will give your apartment a glamorous Hollywood look:

With these elements, your apartment will never go out of style! 

7. Embrace the Fringe

Believe it or not, but there are all sorts of decorations with fringe!

This is a little detail that can make a significant impact in any space. 

You can get blankets with fringe and fringed basket wall art. If you wanted, you could even get a hammock chair with fringe

Fringe is a magical element that makes you feel carefree and full of life when you enter a space. If you’re into boho decorations, decorating with fringe will be right up your ally! 

And even if you’re not into the boho look, fringe can still look great. You can always go subtle — try adding a bath rug with medallion design and tasseled trim for a decorative touch. 

8. Throw Some Patterned Blankets on the Sofa

Gone are the days where blankets only come in one type of fabric and pattern.

Now you can get blankets in all sorts of patterns, such as a soft white blanket with swirly shapes

Everyone loves blankets because they’re so warm and cozy. But besides that, they can become the decorative piece you didn’t know you were missing. 

Add a few blankets with sophisticated designs throughout your apartment. It’ll definitely make your apartment feel more like home!

9. Put Cheery Flowers in Your Kitchen

Flowers are a fantastic way to add life to your kitchen. 

Of course, they smell great too! 

Different colored flowers in a single bouquet will result in a cheery and bright space. 

When you pick out flowers, go with a bouquet that matches the rest of your decor. Select complementing colors by having a mix of roses or even daisies. 

Guests will love this added touch, provided they’re not allergic to the flowers! 

In Conclusion

If you’re in the mood to be creative, there’s a world of unique decorations at your fingertips.

Start brainstorming what type of details you’d like to add to your apartment interior. Bring in a few at a time and situate them how you see fit. 

Before long, you’ll come up with a beautiful apartment. Your rooms will deserve to become popular pins on Pinterest!


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Angus Flynn has five years of property management experience working primarily in high-end apartment communities. His ability to deliver white-glove service to his residents and prospects has propelled him into a successful career that now finds him leading the team at Jefferson Silverlake.

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