5 Types of Plants to Make Room for in Your Apartment

Discover the best types of plants for apartment living. Includes easy-care instructions and tips to help your new flowers and plants thrive in your space.

Plants are the next big design trend in apartments and for many good reasons. Many artificial plants become decor simply because they look good. And if you use real greenery, the advantages are worth the occasional upkeep.

Research has shown that certain plants offer health benefits to your mind and body. This is particularly helpful for those who live in apartments. Access to fresh air, and quality circulation and ventilation, isn’t always possible.

Get ready to see how your life improves by adding plants to your home! Just make sure whatever you choose is suitable for apartment life. 

These five different types of flowers are good options for you to make room for in your home today!

1. Pothos Plant

The Pothos plant can hang from any ceiling in a metal hanger in the grower’s pot it’s usually sold in. It’s a climbing plant, but it winds down towards the floor when it overflows from its container. This gives it a classy look as it hangs over the edges and drapes in leafy green tendrils.

Suitable for indoor or sheltered outdoor use, the Pothos plant is easy to keep up with. It does have a few requirements, though.

The Pothos will thrive easily, but it can be sensitive, too, making it one of the pickier plants on this list.

The placement of this plant is the key to its overall health. Make sure you store it in front of a window or other opening. It needs bright or direct sunlight at room temperature.

Keep your plant away from drafts or open vents and avoid temperature extremes. Otherwise, it’s a breeze to take care of once it’s set up: just water it when the soil is dry!


2. Succulents

If you prefer plants that flower but are still simple to take care of, Succulents are the way to go. There are dozens of varieties of this type of plant, and they’re all colorful and unique.

One of the reasons succulents are so popular is that they’re versatile. Hang these plants on your walls like a framed piece of artwork. They’re also used as centerpieces or placed in awkward corners of the room to brighten the space.

When it comes to a plant that’s easy to take care of, succulents top the list. They only need about two ounces of water every two weeks. And if they go slightly dry, it’s okay. You can over water them, but you’d have to be doing a lot of it to kill these robust beauties.

These plants do need bright artificial light or to be placed near a window without direct sun. Keep succulents away from air conditioning or heating vents. Besides that, you have an almost indestructible piece of greenery!


3. Spider Plants

Spider plants are always at the top of the list of the best apartment plants. They’re easy to grow and maintain. Even better, these prolific plants are recommended by NASA as indoor air purifiers!

The variegated stripes that define the spider plant look good with all decor. They’re frequently used in professional offices to add color. 

These hardy plants aren’t picky, either. They can be stored in any lighted room and thrive in most temperatures.

To keep your new addition healthy, start by soaking the soil once you bring your plant home. After that, don’t water it again until it dries out. 


4. Bamboo

When you think about Bamboo, you probably envision the jungle and hungry panda bears. The large shoots dwarf the massive animals in their environment. So why are they recommended as apartment plants? 

Bamboo is one of the simplest plants to keep indoors. All they need are water and shade to thrive! 

You may be startled to learn that bamboo plants can stay small enough to sit on your tabletop. If you plant them in larger pots, they’ll grow taller, but you can also limit their growth, and they’ll be just fine. 

Check the fine print on the bamboo before you buy it to read its growth recommendations.

People use bamboo plants for the feng shui balance of water, wood, and earth. They can give any room a minimalistic, back-to-nature style.

To keep them healthy, water them weekly and make sure the soil always stays moist.


5. Cacti

Anyone without a green thumb knows that Cacti are the go-to plants for resiliency. It’s not impossible to kill them, but it isn’t easy. Cacti can survive in extreme desert terrain, so they should be fine in your apartment.

Cacti are a form of succulents, but not all succulents are cacti.

Picturing the tall, prickly pears of Arizona fame? While those are options, they’re not ideal for apartments. Cacti are available in multiple varieties and sizes. They also bloom beautiful flowers throughout the year.

What attracts many people to keeping a cactus plant in their home is their durability. They’re easy to care for regardless of how well you water them. It’s more likely that you’ll drown your cactus rather than dehydrate it.

Cacti do prefer natural sources of light, though. When you choose where to keep yours, try to place it in the direct sun or part-sun areas of your home.



With so many benefits for your mind and body, plants should be as natural in apartments as they are outside. 

Small apartments limit your access to clean air and quality circulation, but just one plant in a room clears this problem quickly!

Enjoy the benefits of indoor plants without the stress of upkeep. Grab one or all of these five easy-to-care-for flowers today!


Author Bio:
Caitlin Sinclair

Caitlin Sinclair is the Business Manager at Riata Apartments. With over 5 years of property management experience, she begins and ends each day loving what she does. She finds joy in helping current and future residents and makes Riata a place everyone loves to call home.


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