7 DIY Home Projects That Are Perfect for Couples

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Looking for something new to tackle as a couple? Then grab your partner and try some of these fun and useful DIY home projects together!

Whether you’re looking to rekindle your romance, add some excitement to a gloomy Sunday, or put an artistic spin on a bland apartment, you’re in luck.

We have the secret to all three!

Turn off the TV, cancel your plans, and set aside an entire evening for you and your partner. Here are seven DIY home projects for couples that’ll strengthen your bond with a cozy at-home date night.


Scrabble-Themed Shadow Box

America’s favorite board game returns for a trip down memory lane that celebrates the love that you and your partner share! 

Prepare for a romantic night by ordering:

  • A shadow box or two (8” x 8” minimum)
  • Vintage wood Scrabble tiles
  • A hot glue gun
  • (optional) An adorable anniversary picture of you and your lover

First, glue your favorite wedding snap off-center in the shadow box. Then start brainstorming a word or phrase that describes your relationship best. An intersecting Mr & Mrs, “to the moon and back,” or even join your names as one will look superb.

Pop open a bottle of red, cook a juicy steak dinner, and let your inner creativity loose. 

Hang your new creation above the queen bed or at your apartment’s entryway to keep those romantic memories on display.


Beer Cap (or Wine Cork) Bar Top

Nothing screams “love” quite like picking up a six-pack of his favorite ale or a bottle of 19 Crimes for her on the ride home from work. But if you want to commemorate your favorite boozy drinks — and spice up your decor — plan a bar top for date night.

Quick disclaimer: these projects can take years to finish (if you don’t already stash your caps or corks away) and require lots of elbow grease!

But if you’re looking for rustic more than sentimental, you can buy assorted beer caps and wine corks on eBay for ridiculously cheap.  

This is a great DIY project if you find puzzles calming and plan to host the next Super Bowl extravaganza at your home!

Learn how to make a cork or cap bar top here.


Couples Custom Challenge Coin Bottle Opener

challenge coin

Combine the innovative design of the coin with a corkscrew, add custom couple design elements and patterns to commemorate your wedding date and some meaningful patterns, custom challenge coin corkscrews from GS-JJ.com Always a stylish choice for custom challenge coins. You can customize it yourself through the design system at home through their online website, or you can invite their professional team to help you customize it. The custom challenge coin opener is a great way to enjoy a cold drink and is always a must-have accessory for summer if you Want to start a wedding, or wedding anniversary party, this bottle opener is perfect for on-site use or as a souvenir for guests attending a wedding or party.


DIY Crayon Candles

The true mark of a romantic evening is seductively lit votive candles and a calming yet overwhelming dimness. Why not dedicate this date night to preparing the next?

Grab those old, broken crayons from the playroom (or raid your childhood bedroom the night before). Then, buy candle wicks, small glass jars, and paraffin wax from the art store, and prepare for the relaxing night ahead.

Once you finish that cheesecake dessert, fire up the stove and turn those colorful Crayolas into majestic DIY crayon candles. They won’t have that same insatiable Bath & Body Works aroma. But the bright blues and reds will outshine B&BW any day.

Bonus points if you create colorful candles that match each room!


Outdoor Home Movie Theater

Who said you have to dress to the nines and don your most elegant Chanel outfit on date night? Pick out a romantic, cuddle-worthy movie on Netflix or Prime (a la To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before or P.S. I Love You). 

Then, make a few stops at Home Depot and Best Buy for a white screen, projector, and a streaming device (or a DVD player). Lay out a few cozy, outdoor-style mattresses to put those finishing touches on your backyard theater.

This DIY project should take less than an hour if you follow these tips. But if you and your partner are true movie buffs, splurge on string lights and a fire pit too.

No digging or building required!


Chalkboard Wall

An entire chalkboard wall in your living room or bedroom is overkill after the age of nine. But if you and your partner crave organization and everyday love notes, then converting a small wall section into a mini chalkboard wall is A-OK.

All you need is some painter’s tape, chalkboard paint, a paint roller, and — of course — chalk and an eraser! The whole project takes a few hours at most, leaving some extra time to binge-watch your favorite Netflix show or cook a hearty dinner.

But what you scribble on the wall is entirely up to you. Leave reminder notes, tonight’s dinner, or even sweet-nothings that you want your partner to remember.


Date Night Art Kits

Wine and paint nights are all the rage these days, with mini art studios popping up from coast to coast. Why not remove the instructor and other couples with this at-home date night paint kit

Each kit comes with acrylic paints, an apron for a mess-free art session, an easel, and even a paintbrush set (just don’t forget to buy two). 

Clear off the kitchen table, turn on your favorite soundtrack, dim the lights, and spend the night embodying your inner-Vincent van Gogh.


Plant a Garden

If you and your lover are nature enthusiasts with green thumbs, maybe it’s time to take your date night (and DIY home project) outside. Do a little research to find which side of the house gets the most sun and has decent drainage.

Then, spend the afternoon grazing Home Depot’s aisles for:

  • Soil
  • Seeds that grow well in your zone
  • Fertilizer (optional)
  • A trowel and hoe
  • Work gloves

Put on your old blue jeans, a ripped-up tee, and start planting your favorite vegetables and flowers alongside your best friend.


As romantic as couple-themed DIY ideas may sound, tag-teaming these projects can be more stressful than cutesy. 

Of couples who took on a project together during the COVID-19 pandemic, a startling 34.8% of them regretted it.

A word of advice to avoid relationship strain:

Choose projects with as few moving parts and pieces as possible. 

A watercolor paint session with some bubbly is far more relaxing than building an IKEA entertainment center from scratch. There’s always an extra piece leftover by the end!

Author Bio:

Caitlin Sinclair
Caitlin Sinclair
is the Business Manager at Anson. With over 5 years of property management experience, she begins and ends each day loving what she does. She finds joy in helping current and future residents and makes Anson a place everyone loves to call home.




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