RZA Shares First Single From Forthcoming ‘RZA vs Bobby Digital’ Album

RZA wanted to run back into his first true love with rap. Back to the dojo MCing, penning, samurai sword slicing splitting wigs shit. RZA tapped into his chi to roar back. He went ghost dog, and came back with a digital bullet. Threw on his iron fist, and started scratching with his first official release from his forthcoming album titled RZA vs Bobby Digital. The new album is hitting the streets August 6, 2021. RZA linked up with DJ Scratch to serve as the Executive Producer on the album.

Watch the lyric video for “Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater” with the link below:

Good music nowadays doesn’t always hit you. You don’t always want to sit, smoke, drink, and listen to music. You still hear whispers in the streets of music, that Hip-Hop is dead. It needs to be resurrected back to when people put their heart and soul in their albums.

Hip-Hop needs a breath of fresh air. If you are from the East Coast, Dirty South, Mid-West, or the West coast. Music lovers are still waiting to hear good Hip-Hop; you want to hear good Rap.

Hip-Hop has never been close to the same as it once was in the 90’s. We have all evolved. When we go Hip-Hop and Rap, we go full circle.

There is no blue check needed to verify an icon in the Hip-Hop and Rap community.

People act like RZA isn’t a ninja mover in the digital world. When you come from a force like Wu Tang Clan having produced the most of the group’s albums. You can spin out of anything you chop up will cause noise. The real seers will catch the monks at work.

I know we are in the are little bit over half the year; removed from 2020. Last year was the year of the awakening of a new freedom. The quarantine last year brought out the extra fire in a creative. To push their skills to higher levels. The doors to the chambers are never fully closed.

One of the most prolific culture creators, inside and outside of music has decided to bring those iron fist from off the screen and back to the booth. 

RZA explains, “Lyrically the Hip-Hop part of me had a chance to re-emerge during quarantine. Giving Scratch the reins as a producer and me taking the reins as an MC, that’s what frees me up creatively and lets me play more with lyrical gags and lyrical flows because I don’t have to be focused on everything. He (Scratch) delivered tracks that resonated and brought me back to a sound that I felt was missing. For me it was really natural to flow and write to these songs.”

Those tracks only scratched the surface and with DJ Scratch trustfully giving the to control on the grounding. Laying down the ground work. Having never officially previously worked with each other, the Kings’ admiration for each other mixed with their production connection RZA believed Scratch would spin right into the ride this journey was headed.

How about we go all in for Hip-Hop and Rap. Bar for bar. A word for a word. Things to be said to be heard. Things to be seen. Things to observe. I can match. I can serve. We can share. 

RZA and Bobby Digital are back at it again the studio. RZA sparring with his alter ego Bobby Digital, trading slash and sword clashing bar for bars, track after track. Over some classic ’90s boombap production that brings you back to the chambers to where sparring with kung fu movie samples.

With a discography of 70 releases, 523 appearances, 17 unofficals, 1259 credits per the bracket at – https://www.discogs.com/artist/25495-RZA

RZA also recently released “Pugilism,” a single from another solo project also scheduled for a 2021.

RZA is more to Rap and Hip-Hip. His touch reaches way behind imprint of the 36 Chambers. It’s beyond movies of martial arts and iron fist. 

With August 6, right around the corner. This is just a scratch on what’s to come. Stay tuned.

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