Several lovers of classic games were elated to know about Nintendo’s re-release of its renowned Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Many were excited to fork out on the Super NES Classic Edition to re-experience the gorgeous palette of nostalgic feelings and join up with preferred characters. However, the gaming community was disappointed as the much-anticipated comeback of the trendy video game console only had few games. Fortunately for you, you can add extra titles to your favorite games collection through your PC. To achieve this, reward yourself with a steadfast package such as the Hakchi 2 and snes roms, which you can download from abandonware sites.

How to Get SNES ROMS

Before we get to the procedure of adding games to SNES Classic, we want to enlighten you on ROM files and explain why they are so important. 

If you have never heard of video game emulation, as an enthusiast of SNES games you may be eager to know it is not compulsory to have a physical retro console for you to enjoy class games. This does not only apply to SNES games. The moment you have your hands on the right emulator, you can start playing nearly any old-school label on your new device, whether it is a computer or smartphone. However, an emulator alone will not satisfy your nostalgic feeling. Consider downloading game ROMs, the read-only files appropriate for emulators. The files are mined from original cartridges and symbolize the images of classic titles you once played through SNES or any other home video games consoles.

You can now get ROMs on abandonware site that issue obsolete games and offer access to emulation software whereby you can now emulate good old games and have them played on your new devices. Remember that our website houses SNES ROMs and numerous ROMs meant to be played on different old consoles. Our dedicated resource allows you to download uncountable game ROMs and thereafter add them to your SNES Classic. The download procedure is quite intuitive and easy.

Also, all ROMs on our website are tried and verified and are totally safe for your PC.

Adding More Games to SNES Classic

It is time we take you through ways of replenishing the collection of your preferred games on your SNES Classic.

The first step is connecting your console to your PC through a standard USB cable. However, ensure that your device is turned off before connecting it.

Point to Note: if you experience any challenges connecting your console to a computer, use a different cable. Those that come in handy may at times disappoint you.

Secondly, lay your hand on a special program known as Hakchi 2. It is currently the only feasible choice you can use to import games to your SNES Classic. Ensure that you get a reliable and long-lasting site with the latest version of the program you want or else you might infect your computer with a virus. Download Hakchi once you find it. Remember that Hakchi comes as an archived file normally with the .zip extension. Hence, after downloading the program, you should unzip the found file and save it to a dedicated file.

Once that is done, click on the Hakchi sign to open the program. For Hakchi 2 to run smoothly, it may need you to get some more files. Reboot your machine after doing that. Once you do that, open the program again by clicking its icon.

Select SNES (USA/Europe) and pick the Add more games option. Go to the folder where you saved the downloaded ROM files and choose them to add to your console.

Explore the Custom Game list and select the titles you have uploaded.

Want to import photos from Google? Choose the corresponding option.

To select kernels, locate the kernel option and choose it. Then select Install/Repair and click the Yes button when impelled to confirm your intent to flash the custom kernel.

Continue adding games. Ensure you follow the commands and install the necessary drives in case the program does not install them on its own.

Use your console to synch your games. To achieve this, confirm that you flashed the custom kernel.

Wait for the ROM files to be fully uploaded. Turn off your console after the process is complete and disconnect it from your computer.

Do not shy away from checking out the outcome of your task. Ensure your console is turned off and navigate to the “New Games” games folder which should be displayed next to the preloaded games.

From now on you can play not just Super Mario World, Star fox, and Yoshi’s Island, but also a wide range of different games that once made SNES popular as the best-selling console.

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