Kaleem Taylor Simply Doesn’t Miss & The World Needs More of the Singer

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I take full responsibility for not being aware of the immensely talented Kaleem Taylor, before last year.  I discovered him right around the time I discovered J.Howell, thanks to Tidal, but Kaleem has been releasing music for over 10 years officially, According to Taylor, he had been singing for a long time before he started taking it seriously.  “Fortunately I had some great friends around me who convinced me to start making music, I always sang around them and they said I should try to make my own songs.”

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As far as Tidal is concerned, his debut EP Version came out in 2017. Checking in at just 6 songs it served as a bit of a teaser, but his voice translates to that of a star and that easily came across with just one listen.

From just listening to him sing, it’s hard to believe that he isn’t from the states.  In fact, he represents Hertfordshire, which is part of East of England.   The accent is quite apparent in his social media posts. Born on April 17, 1991, his voice is soulful beyond his age.

Kaleem’s 2019 EP Surface features the title track and the stunning single “Fault.” Matched with a visual, the song was a testament to the type of music that R&B lovers have longed for, but a sound that comes so easy to Kaleem Taylor.

June 2020 made way for his third project, She Knows.  This time it featured the singles, “Questions” and “Until,” once again delivering above fan expectations.

Most recently Kaleem Taylor teamed up with The Code to form the collaborative group Vague Detail.  The producer/singer team released a 5 song EP in March 2021, that lived up to everything that could have been imagined.

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Thus far his catalog hasn’t disappointed yet. Whether its solo or more from Vague Detail, fans are eager for more and the world needs to hear more from the singer. Taylor says he’s currently working on a full length project for Vague Detail and he’s also working on his own upcoming solo project.

Look forward to it!

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Twitter: @kaleem_taylor

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