How To Set Up The Perfect Entertainment Center For Your Bedroom

Set Up The Perfect Entertainment Center

Since the pandemic brought more people home more often, people have stopped using their bedrooms just for dressing and sleeping. Instead, bedrooms have become havens, not just from the outside world but from your own family, roommates, or household. If you plan to spend more time in your bedroom, you should really consider adding an entertainment center so that you can have all of your gaming consoles, streaming devices, and more ready to go. 

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There are a few different ways that you can accommodate entertainment in your bedroom, but the best way is to get a new bedroom set that includes a media chest. Here is how to make do with what you have to set up the perfect entertainment center, and why a media chest is your best option.

Setting the television on top of the dresser or chest of drawers

Your average dresser isn’t designed to hold a television. You can set one on top of it, but it reduces its functionality significantly and blocks the dresser mirror if you have one. A chest of drawers sits higher than a media center should, making viewing from the bed uncomfortable. In either case, you really don’t have room for media players, gaming consoles, or other accouterments. You will basically be stuck with just television.

Bringing in an entertainment center

Many bachelors can relate with Joey when he builds the entertainment center far too large on Friends. An entertainment center always takes up more room than you think it will. Keeping that in mind, you could bring an entertainment center into your bedroom if you have an empty wall larger enough to accommodate it. Make sure that you aren’t blocking any points of egress. The upside is that an entertainment center is best equipped to handle many devices, consoles, and other media.

Media chests in a matched set

Media chests are built with the connected bedroom in mind. These chests usually have cord management features, drawers perfectly designed to hold games, music, and movies, and a shelf for all of your game consoles and media players. Many of today’s bedroom sets include an optional media chest. Why not take advantage of the situation and get yourself a new matched bedroom set?

When it comes right down to it, you’re going to spend about the same amount of money on a built-in entertainment center as you will for a matched bedroom set that includes a media chest along with a bed, one or two nightstands, and a dresser with mirror. When you buy online, you can find these better deals. 

If you’re on a budget, having control over which pieces you include in the matched set makes you feel better about buying the new bedroom furniture in the first place. You can choose the furniture pieces that you need while passing on the ones you don’t for extra savings. 

When you buy bedroom sets online, you’re going to find these types of deals. It is much less expensive than your furniture store and often includes free delivery. Remember to check online before shopping at more expensive furniture stores.

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