28 Days of Black Authors: Meet B.M. Hardin

When we think of #BlackHistoryMonth, we think of all the incredible things our people have done for the culture. From being forbidden to ever learn how to read or write as a person of color in America to now being recognized as some of the top sellers in fiction, collectively, we have come a long way. Author B.M. Hardin is proof of that.

The North Carolina native has mastered the art of penning African-American stories that stick to your soul like Grandma’s soup on a Saturday afternoon and beat against your bones like the many negro spirituals she’d stomp her feet to in the pew on Sunday mornings.

Merging her Southern roots with a savory taste of suspense, dozens of books later, B.M. Hardin’s unconventional and unapologetic way of creating compelling characters has allowed her to craft her own lane. One that is quite unparalleled… if you ask us.

With a massive following of every printed page, Hardin continues to deliver pearl-clutching, seat-edging tales… release after release.

Take a look at some of our favorite B.M. Hardin books below!



“Liar Liar! She’s on Fire…Literally!”

A night of fun turns deadly when the bride-to-be is found dead and in flames…and no one saw a thing.

Twenty. Twenty-one. Twenty-two.
What really happened? No one has a clue.
Twenty-two people are questioned, but nothing is found. So one by one, Pepper narrows the suspects down.

It becomes clear that everybody has something to hide. The closer Pepper gets to truth, the more everyone lies.

Somebody saw something.
Someone knows the truth.
Someone is a murderer.
The question is…who?



B.M. Hardin


“Don’t trust them; especially the Blonde One.”

Unlike most, Jane had the perfect life. She was happy, content, and the perfect wife. Her marriage was solid, but they were missing one thing; a house and children, which led them to S.J. Lane.
But who knew that because of one bad decision, everything, her whole life would change.

In a community, were everyone has the same name. Where lies and truth, are one in the same…
Who can you trust?
What do you believe?
What if the giver, is only giving to receive?
Jane’s life gets turned upside down. And only THE JANES has the power to turn it all around.
But little did she know that she was apart of one big game. And the biggest question of all was…which Jane was pulling the strings?
Through secrets and pain, Jane learns the hard way, that not all problems, have an easy fix.
Sometimes A JANE has to be thrown in the mix!



B.M. Hardin


How far would you go for love?

Before, Lava thought that she had life all figured out. The man, five kids, a good job and a big house.
And then, two years ago, her husband told her about his affair. But she stayed, waiting, hoping that he’d notice her still there. But we don’t always get what we want. And once she realized that her husband was in love and having a baby with someone else, she burned with envy, feeling a rage that she never felt. Lava realized, that her husband’s mistress, had no plans on giving him back. So, she was going to have to take him. The question was, how was she going to do that?

Lava came up with a crazy plan to get rid of her competition. Only the plan backfires, horribly, leaving her praying and wishing. That she’d just divorced him and walked away, but now it was too late. She’s desperate, guilty, and unsure of her fate.
What is it that she’s missing? What secret didn’t she see? What LIE was right in front of her?
Who was really her worst enemy?



B.M. Hardin


Cheaters never win!
And Nova makes sure of that.
After six amazing years, Nova’s fiancé, Emory, steps out on her. But no one cheats on Nova and gets away with it. Not only does she cheat back, Nova also comes up with a plan to teach Emory a lesson. But things spiral out of control, leaving Nova asking unfortunate questions.

My brother is missing, where could he be?
What is my best-friend hiding from me?
Someone is knocking, is that the police?
When did this become Nova versus Shanice?

Emory’s cheating was the icing on the cake, that leads to Nova making a terrible mistake. Life as Nova knows it will never be the same. So, when people start dying…who’s really to blame?




Who are you pretending to be?
Savannah thought that running away from her past would change her life. And for about fifteen years, she was right. Until her happy marriage goes down the drain and she’s left with no one but herself to blame. On a quest to become the world’s next best-selling author, to find her voice, Savannah makes a difficult choice.
She has to run—again.
She quits her job and packs a bag. And then she sets out to find the inspiration that she’s never had. Only she finds herself in the one place she never expected to be. Home—in the South; reminded of pain and secrecy. A sin is still a sin, even if no one knows. And a secret is still a secret even if no one told. Bonds are broken, truths are spoken, and no one around her can be trusted.
Who killed her mother?
Who is her father?
Who knows the truth about the small-town barber?
Savannah discovers that ‘Southern Charm’ is just for show. What really matters in the South are the lies you tell and the secrets you know!

Have you ever read a novel by B.M. Hardin?

Connect with B.M. Hardin here:

Website: www.authorbmhardin.com

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