Rose Rock aka Mama Rock Shares Thoughts On Will Smith Slap of Her Son, Chris

Mama Rock reaction to the Will Smith slap

Chris Rock’s mother, Rose Rock has addressed the infamous slap from Will Smith to her son, Chris Rock, at the 94th Academy Awards ceremony. It’s been over a month since the incident but we finally have the Mama Rock reaction to the slap.

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We’ve had many reactions from different celebrities, such as Chris Rock’s brother, Tony Rock, but Rosalie Rock sat down for a one on one interview with Billie Jean Shaw for South Carolina’s WIS10, where she expressed disapproval of Will’s conduct.

Here’s a snippet of the Mama Rock reaction to the Will Smith slap:

Mama Rock talks about how she watched the ceremony from home and initially thought the scene was staged, but realized it wasn’t when “he (WIll)started using obscenities.”

Rose revealed how Chris had looked forward to the moment he handed Questlove his award but that moment got overshadowed by Will’s outburst. She explains, “No one even heard his speech. No one was able to just be in the moment because everyone was sitting there like, ‘what just happened?”

The 77 year old motivational speaker related her feelings on the slap when she said, “When Will slapped Chris, he slapped all of us. He really slapped me.”

According to Mama Rock, Will’s actions were merely to make his wife’s day. “You reacted to your wife giving you the side-eye and you went and made her day because she was mulled over laughing when it happened.”

She goes on to say that Chris could have fallen at that moment or Will could have been taken out in handcuffs.
Rosalie shares that she contacted her son when it happened to affirm how proud she was of his reaction to the slap.
There is no vindictiveness in her message as she says “I wouldn’t take his award away, and I don’t see any good way they could have taken him out without disrupting.”

Rose admitted that she is hurt over the lack of apology from Will to Chris, even though he released a public apology.

Are you satisfied with the Mama Rock reaction to the Will Smith slap?

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