[FIRST LOOK] Zeus Drops A Peak At ChriseanRock & Blueface Reality Show, ‘Crazy In Love’

ChriseanRock and Blueface reality series

One thing about Zeus Network, they finna double down on some drama.  Following the success of their Baddies South series, and the more recent success of the Bad Boys franchise, Zeus is doubling down on one of their stars.  That star just happens to be in one of the most toxic relationships we’ve ever seen in entertainment:  ChriseanRock and her on again, off again beau, Blueface.  After the most recent episode of the Baddies South reunion the network shared the teaser for the ChriseanRock and Blueface reality series, unsurprisingly titled, ‘Crazy In Love.

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The announcement of the series had already leaked in the past few weeks.  Social media also realized that cameras had been following the couple around at several of their recent incidents including most recently when Blueface seemed to knock out ChriseanRock’s dad.

The official announcement of the Crazy In Love, ChriseanRock and Blueface reality series also comes after about a week of speculation that the couple had split.  Chrisean has shared several social media posts that appeared to hint that the couple had officially called it quits.  Not sure how the announcement of the reality series plays into that… or if the last couple of weeks were all just part of building up the buzz for the new series.

Here’s your first look at the Crazy In Love series:

The teaser for the Chrisean and Blueface reality series gives a small glimpse into what we can expect from the series, including some of their appearance during New York Fashion Week, the recent aforementioned Blueface incident with her family, and a scene of Chrisean sucking on Blueface’s toes… a scene no one asked for!


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