Where’s The Music?

Where’s The Music?
I remember when music had a message. The message was relatable, whether the message was about never giving up, or finding the love of your life.  Nowadays a lot of this so-called music has three messages: shaking it, Swagger and breaking up.  What is that all about?   I mean it’s good to dance and have fun, but if my money is being spent, it has to be worth it.  I know many people who want the real music back. So many artists have paved the way for this generation and many to come.  I only wished today’s artists could put more into their work, their passion etc.  
It used to be that a triple threat is all we wanted.  You had to be able to sing, dance and have that look. The record labels and scouts looked for money of course, but also longevity in a performing artist. They only see money nowadays when they scout out talent. A few dollars and some spotlight satisfy some, but true artists want to excel.  This auto-tune hype is out of control.  Just about everyone tried it. Where is the originality in the music? 
Real music used to send chills through my body.  I have not felt that in awhile. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see performing artists doing something positive. I miss MJ, Biggie, Luther, Tu pac, Whitney, Anita, and many more of course. These artists knew what music was all about. All I’m saying is where’s the music?
By Jennifer Crosby

Kevin Benoit

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