Most Anticipated Albums of 2010


2009 was a very interesting year in music and it featured quite a few surprises. While no one knows exactly what the new year will bring here’s a list of the most anticipated albums for the new year. Hopefully they are all released and live up to the hype. Keep in mind a lot of top artists dropped albums in 2009, it will be interesting to see if they drop quick follow-ups.

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10. Detox – Dr. Dre
This abum has been on every Hip-Hop fan’s wish list for the last 5, 6 years at least. Raekwon finally got around to releasing his album last year, maybe, just maybe Dre will release his in 2010.


9. Rebirth – Lil’ Wayne
The buzz is almost gone for Lil’ Wayne’s follow-up for The Carter III. If Universal keeps the February 21st release date for the album it may create quite a buzz before he goes off to prison. He’ll need a big album if he doesn’t want to be forgotten while behind the walls.


8. Love King – The Dream
The Dream is currently working on music for a lot of other artists, but he will return in 2010 with an album of his own. He seems to get slightly better with every project so if he can get just a bit better than Love vs. Money, he may have the R & B album of the year.


7. Raymond vs. Raymond – Usher
I’m disappointed in the lead single for this album and disappointed in the concept but Usher has always been at his best when he had something personal going on that he could talk about. 8/7/01 was how great his relationship with Chili was. Then Confessions was all about how he messed up. When he was married not only did he have nothing to talk about, he lost his hunger for the ladies, and thats never a good formula for a male R & B artist. Now that his marriage is over he has something to talk about and he has the drive to win the ladies back (especially since Trey Songz, Ne-yo and The Dream seem to have split his fans among themselves).


6. Revolver -T-Pain
T-Pain has a lot to prove this time around, especially post “D.O.A.” Jive Records has given T-Pain 6 singles so expect to hear a lot of him on your radios because they are expecting this to be a major year for him. I’ve yet to be disappointed by a T-Pain album and I know that wont change with this latest project. He might even get his first Parlé cover.


5. Last Train To Paris – Dirty Money
Diddy is going all out for this album. He already made a band (a real musical band to tour with) for it on MTV, he got a new label home at Interscope Records, and so far T-Pain, Kanye West, and Drake are confirmed guests. The buzz around this album continues to grow because it feels more and more like Bad Boy ’98. I’m looking forward to it.


4. Teflon Don – Rick Ross
Ross obviously has a formula for making hit albums. All he has to do is stick to it and perfect his guest appearances and he will have a classic on his hands. If he wasn’t involved in a beef with 50 Cent this year, he would’ve gotten a lot more noteriety for his last project, but now that its behind him look for him to dominate for at least a couple months in 2010.


3. TBD – J. Cole
Drake may be the topic of conversation right now but that boy J. Cole is going ot take over 2010. The album isn’t titled yet but off mixtape buzz alone J. Cole is a monster and I believe he is the true Rookie of the Year in 2010. Only one problem …He’s signed to Jay-z!


2. TBD – T.I.
T.I. will spend the next month and a half or so in a halfway house as he wraps up his prison sentence. While there are no plans for an album yet , I fully expect T.I.P. to return for a 4th quarter release. After having 8 months of nothing but time to write and think, T.I. will come back with the best music of his career.


1. Thank Me Later – Drake
Not a hard decision on this one. Most of North America has been waiting to see if this dude can really be the future of Hip-Hop. No release date yet but when this album does drop it might do Eminem numbers from back in 2000. If its a flop though, say goodbye to Mr. October when Wayne returns from his bid.


Too early to tell: Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne (The Carter IV), Young Jeezy (Thug Motivation 103), Ne-yo, B.o.B., Nelly (Let’s Get It), Ludacris (Battle of the Sexes and Ludaversal)














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