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Watch your heads because coming fast and heavy out of Atlanta is a musical duo known as Mullage. Their Musical collage includes sounds from rap to R & B to Hip-Hop and beyond. Their recently released single Trick’n has already had nearly 13 million plays on their MySpace page and according to Mullage, it’s only the beginning.

Parlé: You both grew up in Atlanta, but didn’t meet until you were both in the Navy. Talk to me about both the similarities and differences in your childhoods.
B Boi: I came up more on the west side of Atlanta. I wouldn’t say we were poor poor but we weren’t the most fortunate kids around. My mother and step-father were parents that really just went out of their way to make a way for a family.
B Town: My mother, she moved around a lot. I was raised on the south side of Atlanta, but I’ve lived everywhere. She was a single parent taking care of us, and locked me in on music.

Parlé: So explain your reasons for joining the Navy. Were you joining the military for a military career or did you have musical aspirations already and saw the military as a possible springboard to success?
B Boi:
Well, basically, I was a young African-American male and I was looking for a way out of what an African-American male is used to, which is being in his neighborhood and his community and not really being productive. My mother really wasn’t having that so right after high school she decided if I wasn’t going to college, I was either going to be in the Navy or in the Corps. So she took me down to the Navy office and that’s how I got started.
B Town: At the time I was going to school, but it was costing me $26,000 a year to go to school so it just came to a point and time where I couldn’t afford it anymore. So, my mother was basically telling me I had to do something so I went out here and joined. I actually signed up and left for the Navy in a two week period. It was an opportunity for me to do something outside of school but if I wanted to go back to school I could pay for it, so it was a step up.

Parlé: I understand that you two were on different ships in the Navy. How did you meet and what was it about one another that drew you together.
B Boi: We actually met through a mutual friend who shared the same dream as us. He’s no longer with us. He goes by the name Jordy “JCool” Lambert. He introduced us when we were both in the military on separate boats. At the time, I was in the middle of constructing my first solo project. JCool brought B Town into the label halfway through the construction of it and it clicked from the first session. He ended up on like 10 out of the 20 songs after coming in halfway through the completion of my project. The chemistry, the vibe, and the type of work we put in, it was unbelievable. It was undeniable and the people around us heard our sound and eventually talked to us and let us know we’ve got a good sound together, collectively, and we should do the group thing. But us being individuals and stubborn and headed down our own career paths we didn’t see it through at the time. After a couple more records and a lot more time together, we decided to make it official as of December of the year before last.
B Town: Although we didn’t like each other at first (laughs).

Parlé: So you left the military to pursue careers in music. I haven’t had a career in either music production or the military so I’m curious if you’ve noticed similarities in the two career paths? If so, explain them to me.
B Town: I think artists have this stereotype that they’ll never be on time and the military helps you out in that sense for you to understand how important it is to get to certain things. Just being prompt and being on time is the biggest thing the military helped me out with.
B Boi: I’ve noticed a lot about both of us from being in the military, like when it’s time to get the work done and when it’s time to focus on the object at hand, deadlines, or whatever the case may be. We’re real headstrong when it’s comes to sitting down, getting the work done, and making things happen.

Parlé: So now tell me about the name Mullage. I get that it’s a combination of the words “Music” and “Collage” but explain the inherent dynamics of the two words, and how the blend of the words describes your style of music.
B Town: Basically, the definition is: two forces engaged to create a musical collage. B Boi and myself, we have two different styles but once you combine the two together, you get something that’s hard to clone. We had the opportunity to meet Andre 3000 and that’s something he said that he and Big Boi had together. They know they’re capable of having their own solid careers and they can make things happen by themselves but there’s just something totally different about when they make music together. That’s what it’s about.

Parlé: So together, “B Town” and “B Boi” make up Mullage. Explain the stage names and their origins.
B Boi: My stage name came from me being the new student at the school and being the new dude around. Nobody knew me, nobody knew my name, so everybody would just call me the black boy (laughs). I just took what they said and shortened it up and made it B Boi.
B Town: B Town came from my first name, Braelon. I was dancing before I was making music and they used to say that I was dancing like I was from “B-Town”, D.C. I’m guessing people used to call D.C., “B-Town”, I’m not sure if they still do, but it just kind of stuck with me.

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