Author Takerra Allen, writing her own path


Though she doesn’t yet have the confidence of a seasoned writer, Takerra Allen is definitely becoming a force to be reckoned with. At 25, she has her own publishing company and is getting ready for the release of her sophomore book, Heaven’s Hell. She has a lot to say about the new direction that she is taking and is truly grateful for the success that she has experienced thus far. This is one young lady’s career that I will enjoy watching blossom.

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Parlé Magazine: Your sophomore novel is going to be released in March 2010, Heaven’s Hell. What message are you relating to your readers through this piece?
Takerra Allen: I think with this novel, the readers hopefully see the different direction that I can take in my writing. My first novel was four main characters, lots of different points of view, action, very intense and kind of fast paced. This one I wanted to show a little bit deeper, there’s one main character, which allows you to go deeper into her life. It’s not so fast paced, but it’s definitely drama filled. So, hopefully they can see my range with my writing in this one.

Parlé: Did you identify with the main character in this novel?
Takerra: I definitely identify with the main character, Heaven, on certain points. But, it is based on a true story-it’s someone that I know and that is very dear, so it was kinda easy for me, I know what she went through. I know how she felt about it, so that was kind of intense.

Parlé: What expectations do you have for this novel?
Takerra: Hopefully, it will be a crossover success, I would definitely like for it to go into mainstream. I think with this novel, all different age groups can read it, nationalities, economic….everyone can read this novel. But, really, the things that are happening right now with the people that are reading it and the responses that I’m getting fulfill my expectations already. People are reading it and enjoying it, so I’m happy with that.

Parlé: You and Sandra Mobley have launched Angelic Script Publishing-is that where this book is published?
Takerra: Yes, this is the second novel that I’m publishing. There will probably be a couple of more of our novels first and then we will start looking for writers.

Parlé: Is there a particular genre that your publishing company is geared toward?
Takerra: Right now it’s urban fiction, Hip-Hop fiction, because we both love it. We’re definitely trying to bring something into it. We want to let people know more about it, because I think that some people have their own views and look down it. Some people want to use it as a vehicle and then go to other things, but right now, we’re sticking to it.

Parlé: What did you learn about yourself through working on this book?
Takerra: I learned the effects of going through very traumatic things as a young person. She was coming from a non ideal upbringing, and I learned how much strength a lot of young ladies have. I have respect for all girls that come from all types of backgrounds. I learned a lot about the strength of women in general through working with this novel.

Parlé: Since you do personally know the story’s main character, was it challenging to put the pen to paper?
Takerra: I wanted to make sure that I captured her pain, that I captured her emotions, and also making sure that she was okay with it. I didn’t want to make it uncomfortable for her and I wanted to make sure that she was pleased.

Parlé: Has she gotten a chance to read it?
Takerra: Yes, and I think she likes it very much.

Parlé: If you had your career thus far to do over again, would you change anything?
Takerra: I would start the publishing company earlier. We kinda started with promoting parties, doing all kinds of things and we just got into our publishing company. It’s a lot of work, but I think we’ve accomplished a lot in a short time. Other than that, no, I’m very pleased with the way things have been going and the outcome so far.

Parlé: With having such powerful, influential people in your life, Tupac Shakur was your brother and William Garland, your father, did that encourage your hunger for success?
Takerra: Having my father and my brother, I think that having them gave me a hunger for knowledge more so. Just having people that know so much and are so knowledgeable and so smart and talented, it made me want to expand my mind. And to me that’s more important than success.

Parlé: Are your fans able to preorder your book?
Takerra: Yes! They can get it at There’s actually a sale going on this week for $10. And then next month it will be at Amazon and at certain stores.

Parlé: Where can your fans find you?
Takerra: My business partner does a lot of the writing on the blog, but they can find me on Facebook or email me at I answer all emails when I get them.

Parlé: Would you like to say anything to your growing fan base before we go?
Takerra: I would just like to say thank you a whole, whole, whole lot. I appreciate people that purchase the book and read the book, or even think about purchasing the book. I appreciate everyone that is giving us a chance and letting us be heard.

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