Chris Rock Takes Over Writing Duties On Mike Nichols’ ‘High & Low’ Adaptation


It seems that Chris Rock has really been into remakes lately.

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In the same week that his film Death at a Funeral (adapted from the British film of the same name) is set for release, Rock was hired to write the script for the US adaptation of High & Low.

According to BlackVoices Rock will be rewriting David Mamet’s script that was commissioned way back in 1999, while Mike Nichols (The Graduate) will direct.

The film is a remake of Akira Kurosawa’s acclaimed 1963 detective thriller High and Low, which itself is based on Evan Hunter’s novel “King’s Ransom”.

The story follows a wealthy corporate executive whose son has been kidnapped. He’s prepared to pay the ransom using funds he needs for a critical corporate buyout, but before he can send the payment though, he realizes the kidnappers have mistakenly abducted the child of his chauffeur and thus the decision becomes much more complicated.

Suddenly, he’s not so eager to part with his money and as the title suggests, Kurosawa’s film opens up to explore the class issues of the era while still retaining turning the dials of the plot.

I have always felt that Chris Rock is one of the funniest, most talented actors in Hollywood, and by taking on this project, it shows that Rock can do a lot more besides make people laugh. If you remember his role in New Jack City back in the day, he proved he can take on a dramatic role and perform just as well as he does in stand up.

Kurosawa is considered one of the best filmmakers of all-time, so you know the material will be good, but only time will tell one how Rock shapes the story to fit his style, as well as adding in aspects of American culture to it.

The project would mark the fourth remake Rock has been involved in script-wise starting with 2007’s I Think I Love My Wife and this week’s Death at a Funeral.


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