The Fine ‘Ol Solution – Observations of the Music Industry

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I’ve composed a quick list of observations about the music industry that I’ve got to share with you all. Please note that this is NOT a diss to anyone and that I’m most likely wrong 99% of the time. These people make a lot more money in one day than I would if I managed to save up for one year, a wise person once told me: laughing at ourselves is a great way to lengthen one’s life span, but laughing at another’s is a sure way to shorten it.

This mega rap group of Royce Da 5’9, Crooked I, Joell Ortiz and Joe Budden. I think that these guys are pretty good but I also feel like they’re underappreciated. I hope they make a lot more music together and solo.

R&B sensation Cassie is absolutely gorgeous hands down…until she shaved half her head bald. If she shaved all of it off it wouldn’t have looked so bad but now all I see is that every other light skin girl wants to rock a Cassie cut. I guess it’s more about the attitude than the actual look its self.

Prodigy (one half of rap group) Mobb Deep was jailed almost two years now for unlawful possession of a firearm. I don’t know the whole story or the exact details but what I’ve gathered compared to T.I. (no disrespect) he should’ve gotten a slap on the wrist. Keep ya head up!


The man makes good music and I thought what he did at the VMA’s was frickin’ hilarious.

06: Nicki Minaj
I like her videos (with the sound turned down) no seriously at first I wasn’t feeling her music, but I’ve grown to like it. I just wish she’d stop it with the ‘Barbie’.

05: Tupac & Biggie
Two of the greatest rappers taken before their time. Even after their deaths they’ve managed to sell more records. That song “Runnin” was on point and I would like to hear a collab album with these two. I know someone out there has thought about it, I’d buy it.

04: Rihanna
Not enough words to describe her. I like her music and I loved the video for Rude Boy
(Rihanna please get with me because I won’t hit you)ß–I mean that with love.

03: Tyga
I wanna issue a public apology. My twin and I went to see Gym Class Heroes when they were on tour with Fall Out Boy back when Tyga wasn’t as mainstream. Tyga had just come off stage from doing his set during intermission and we were backstage hanging out. My twin was chatting with him and I had just came back from trying to talk to some girl (unsuccessful) I walked up to these two and Tyga being the cool guy that he is extends his hand to dap me up but instead of me showing him the proper respect, I say “N*gga, I don’t know you.” That was uncalled for and although I doubt he remembers or even cares I wanna say that I’m sorry. I wish you the best.

02: Drake
Degrassi or not, this kid is hot right now and I can see great things for me in the future.

01: Soulja Boy
Congratulations man, you’ve found a formula to success that has helped you turn out hit after hit after hit. Keep it turnt up to the fullest.

All jokes aside I don’t hate anyone, no disrespect to anyone and I’m a vegetarian…that means I don’t want beef.


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