The W.O.W Boyz

They call themselves the W.O.W Boyz, because they only intend on winning. For Eaz, D. Will, Jiggs, Guise, & Rello, winning is just the tip of the iceberg.The W.O.W boys are a talented group of rappers trying to get their respect in the music world hailing from the notorious from Jamaica, Queens. Guise is the leader and motivator of the group, head strong and business minded. Rello is the choreographer for the group, a laid back character who is always ready to work. Jiggs is the focused one with a passion for dance and putting on a good show, Eaz is the young one, but what he lacks in age, he makes up for with hunger and creativity, and D. Will is the oldest, truly determined and grinds 24/7 to keep the group in order.

In the beginning, the guys were all friends trying to do their solo thing, but through common connections they decided to join forces and try their hand together as a group. For the last year they’ve been developing their sound and crafting music for their proper introduction into the world. Their sound is simple, pure Hip-Hop that a lot of people can relate to.


Download their song:

Wow Boyz – Let Go

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