“Champagne Life” for Def Jam Executive’s Birthday Bash (w/ video)




It was champagne life last Thursday night at Shawn “Pecas” Costner’s 40th birthday party hosted by Hot 97’s Angie Martinez. The Vice President of Def Jam Promotions and renowned music industry executive celebrated on the roof deck at Studio Square in Astoria Queens with a star studded crowd. The décor was beautiful with the white leather couches, the backdrop of Manhattan’s skyline, and an illuminated water tower in the distance, but the people there were even more beautiful where, on a score of 1 to 10, half the women were at least a 25 and the other half too fancy to rate.  Women of all shades and colors had booties so rotund you’d think they came straight from Africa. It was almost as if it was a requirement for the party to carry junk. Security was plentiful, but even they did it in style, clad in all black tailored suits, and the waitresses in barely there black mini-dresses added to the eye candy. The guests were treated well, presented with glasses of champagne by high class cuties upon entrance onto the roof.

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Model and actress, Melyssa Ford, showed up in skintight leggings and a white tanktop, and wasted no time partaking of the bubbly. “I just got back to New York from LA and this is like a breath of fresh air,” she said. “The men here are gorgeous. The men here are fucking amazing.”

Physical looks may have been up for debate with the men, but there was no denying that they came ready to spend money. Next to Melyssa was a crew of Queens bred Italians, friends of the club owner, with a table full of Goose. “[We didn’t] spend that much tonight,” they said. “About $3,000.” So they were being modest. And the choice in suit? “This is what I wear every day,” the older one said. So they party all night, and they party all day.

The air was breezy, but the heat lamps made things comfortable and DJ SnS kept the crowd happy. About half past twelve, Fabolous walked in with Ne-yo not far behind. Cool and calm, Fab and his people took a seat at a table in the corner already laid out with Goose and Rosé. On the success of his latest album, “Loso’s Way,” “It feels good,” he said. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, selling 99,000 copies in its first week. It became Fabolous’ first album to top the chart. He is set to release “Loso’s Way 2” in November. And his thoughts on the party… “It’s good. Everything is good.” Considering he was never charged in an incident that involved police finding 500 pounds of Marijuana on his tour bus last year and the fact that Adrienne Bailon was also present at the party, the Cheetah Girl he was rumored to have been linked to romantically in the past, everything is definitely all good for Fab.

Ne-yo and Fabolous shut down the party with a performance despite Shawn Costner’s proclamation that Ne-yo was “too drunk to perform.” The song “Champagne Life” was appropriate for such a party, where so many of Shawn Costner’s friends came to celebrate. One of his good friends and also a representative for Grey Goose, the sponsor for the night, said “I think it’s amazing that Shawn was able to get all of these people to come to Queens. I don’t even know how to get to Queens, but he was able to get us here. I don’t know why he chose Queens, but it’s great because it shows that New York has so much more to offer than just Manhattan.”


Video by Mel Boogs for Parlé Magazine


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