So He F*cked Your Sister (How to deal with a Cheater)

Or co-worker, or friend, or stranger. The point is, he messed around outside your relationship. The trust is broken. Obviously. The question clearly on your mind is: Can that bastard ever be trusted again?


Well, let’s say he fooled around because he was drunk.  Let’s say he was vulnerable because you two sort of broke up last night but you just thought it was another fight so he was technically still yours.  Let’s say he’s an asshole who doesn’t give a f*ck about you because he doesn’t want to “miss an opportunity.”  Let’s say it’s an open relationship.  (Okay, that last one would be fair on his part)

Honestly, there are plenty of reasons why men stray.  (Women stray as well–I mean, who else are these men f*cking around with if not other women?  I’m just picking on the men because it’s so easy and it gives me more brownie points with the ladies)  And yes there are circumstances that can justify why he did what he did.  But regardless of WHY he did what he did, moving forward can you believe he will never do it again?  Is that trust of the creamy filling between two Oreo sides that held your relationship together for so many months/ years been licked away for good or can you use this as an opportunity for double stuffed faithfulness?

At the end of the day, I can’t tell you what to do.  (Damn, and you thought this was going to be easy)  In some cases, yes, the relationship’s foundation has been torn apart and a woman simply can’t get past what happened for fear of it happening again.  Which is understandable.  And she has every right.  I do believe though most women will give their man a second chance as long as he proves himself.  Essentially, it’s relationship probation. 

Now guys, I’ve been talking to the ladies so now I’ll give you a tip.  If you are a man who f*cked her sister, or co-worker, or friend, or stranger, or mother (You did her Mom!?  Sweet!  “Heyy Mrs. Robinson…”  High five! . . .  Oh, right.  Cheating’s bad. *take back high five*) and your woman is angelic enough to give you another go at proving your worth to her, DON’T F*CK IT UP OR SHE WILL LEAVE YOUR ASS.  Hope I wasn’t unclear.  Now, back to the lovely women.

Ladies, if your man does do the deed with another hussy and you determine this man is worthy of another chance at your heart, take it slow.  He broke your trust.  Therefore, he must earn it back.  Now, for a time you have my permission to put him through the ringer and make him jump a couple hoops to ensure his sincerity, but please, please don’t hold a grudge too long.  If you take him back you have to forgive him.  It doesn’t have to be right away, but within a couple months you’ve got to move on so that the two of you can be together.  If you hold on to that resentment and fear of him cheating again, you will only damage yourself and your relationship.  The only thing worse than cheating is holding a grudge and never getting past an issue.  So if you decide to give your man a second chance, have him win back your trust at your own pace (not his) and then, after a while, move past this incident so you two can live in a healthy, happy relationship once again.



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