[INTERVIEW] Evo-K – A Worldwide Ambassador for Women in Music

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Dub Step as a genre and as a movement is thriving. Credited as being one of the pioneers of dub step, Evo-K is undoubtedly a legendary figure. Hailing from Italy, she is one of the first Electro dub house female producers in the world.  Parlé with us as we bring you insight into the background and creativity of the DJ, producer and all around entertaining industry personality. Continue reading for the interview with Evo-K.

Parlé:  How long have you been involved in the music industry?
Evo-K:  First, I wanna say CIAO to all Parlé Magazine readers 🙂  I’ve been “officially” in the music industry since 2007 when I released my first album. I’ve done music production since 2005, while before I was involved in cover music shows and commercial DJ sets.

Parlé:  To date what do you feel has been your greatest influence?
Evo-K:  I cannot answer precisely, because almost everyday I am influenced by new styles, artists and trends. But I can definitely say that, to date my greatest influences and what I really love, are Electro House, Hard House and Complextro styles.


Parlé:  And on that note, who or what has been your single greatest influence creatively?
Evo-K:  Certainly, my father’s artistic talent and perseverance (he was a Dj and producer) taught me how to understand and feel MUSIC and spurred me to never give up during my endless music-journey! The power of Music is something that lives in the deepest part of me and that I cannot control or rationalize, I just can live it.
Talking more specifically, I would say that a good dose of creative influence has been the Art of “Masters” such as Wolfgang Gartner, Deadmau5, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and others.


Parlé:  You are credited with being the first Electro Dub Step Female DJ-Producer, with how much pride do you wear that title?
Evo-K:  I do not know exactly how many females are currently producing Electro and Dub Step in the world, as unfortunately very often many female-DJs/producers are just the “face” of music productions realized by male-producers behind the scenes. In Italy I am the first, yes! And I wear this title with pure emotion and strong enthusiasm, because I feel that I opened a small door towards a new trend but moreover towards a new artistic communication.

Parlé:  For those who do not know, what constitutes the music form known as dub step?
Evo-K:  Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music originated in England at the end of the ’90s and it is typically featured in the wobble bass. I don’t produce pure dub step music, indeed, but a mix of Dub step, Electro House and Complextro styles. Electro house is a subgenre of house music, a kinda hard form of house music. Complextro is made by glitchy, intricate bass-lines and synth LDs created with many instruments in quick succession, you can better imagine it as a complex form of electro house music.

Parlé:  Aside from DJing and Producing, you sing as well? How do you balance all of these responsibilities?
Evo-K:  Singing is what I love to do more, my “first love” since I was teen, but is maybe what I can do least as most of my time is spent producing and remixing. By the way, I keep my love for singing alive during my live dj acts, when I usually sing some live lines while djing.

Parlé:  Which one takes precedence?
Evo-K:  I would prefer to say that no one takes precedence over the other and that all these 3 responsibilities live their own space in the right dose. But currently producing is taking it.  Anyway I am happy for this, because usually after an intense period of Producing… an equally intense period of live Djing is coming!

Parlé:  You recently released 2Drops on Ring Mode Records, correct? What kind of response have you gotten thus far?
Evo-K:  Well, some time ago I had the BIG pleasure and fortune to meet 2Drops on my way! Since then, my first Electro Dub House production, “2DAY” came to life for Ring Mode Records and it got very positive feedbacks also from some of the best Artists and media of the international Industry such as Richie Hawtin, Avicii, Markus Schulz and many others.
A second track is ready to be released approximately in October, its title is “Dangerous Girl” and believe me….. it’s a super HOT Electro Dub track with a really hot videoclip!
These days I am working on the remix of 2Drops hit “Freedom Of Speech,” I wanted to blend one of the most striking and bizarre 2Drops song, with my own EVO-K style.
And – I am gonna tell you this exclusive for Parlé Magazine – a new side project designed to climb the US charts by year-end is in place: some mainstream unpublished productions with my vocals over Roy and Dan -aka 2Drops- music (stay tuned, more details coming soon!)

Parlé:  You are the official ambassador for Reloop DJing equipment? How did that partnership come about?
Evo-K:  I still wonder, too! (lol)
I guess that this important partnership came from their need to have a new, “fresh” and at the same time “alternative” emerging producer/image for the Italian territory.
In the meanwhile I got proposals from other brands, but in truth, as I only use top quality instruments for my productions and djing, I finally chose to join the ‘Reloop family’ because they really manufacture top quality instruments for Djs!

Parlé:  In 2010 you brought your talents to the states on a North American tour, what is your take on the U.S. music scene as it regards to Dub Step?
Evo-K:  Well, at that time I was touring in US with my ‘Rebirth Tour 2010′ my music genre wasn’t yet so hard and dubstep oriented! During the many gigs there, I also performed in some venues of Brooklyin and NYC and the feedback of the audience was superb!  I still clearly remember many amazing interactions with people down the stage! Most of my performances were Electro Pop oriented (my first Album’ productions), sometimes also with Italian lyrics and it was great to see the American people involved in that kind of Italian electro music. I really hope that one day I can come back to US for a new tour, with my newest music productions, with a few gigs from the Save The World tour 2012 schedule.

Parlé:  How many times have you been stateside?
Evo-K:  I’ve been only once for the Rebirth Tour 2010, which lasted 3 unforgettable weeks! But I’ve also been in the United States another time before on vacation.

Parlé:  You performed in front of 300,000 plus at Brandenburg, tell us about the energy and that experience, im pretty sure it had to be phenomenal.
Evo-K:  Oh yes, the huge stage of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, was probably the most astonishing stage I have played in my life, so far! I was playing for the first time in front of a such massive audience ….something indescribable for me. I was the only Italian artist performing at that awesome event, the energy of the people below the majestic stage behind the Pariser Platz was so so strong, I felt it even before starting to play the first song… when I was just taking the first step towards the console and I feel it when I remember those moments!

Parlé:  Tell us about your philanthropic initiative in regards to the SAVE THE WORLD TOUR 2012 and how can people support what you have going on?
Evo-K:  First, the name SAVE THE WORLD TOUR is taken from the track “Miracle” (coming soon on Overground Digital) and it’s one of the most expressive songs of this year. “Miracle” is a track that emphasizes the environmental and climate crisis, with metaphorical references also to the global crisis. With the SAVE THE WORLD, the EVO-K Team (me together with all my partner Djs-Producers-Artists involved in 2012) would like to donate a portion of revenues from the scheduled gigs and sales of the official merchandise, to the victims of Japan’s tragic earthquake and tsunami. Ending the tour – if that is possible – with a few gigs in Japanese territory. It has been a long time that I want to give aid through the power of music – but alone – especially as an emerging artist, it is a really difficult task to achieve… an almost impossible dream! I’ll see if we all together make it happen in 2012.

Parlé:  With a resume as impressive as yours, what do you feel is the next step in your career?
Evo-K:  I just live day by day, always working to express myself best through my Music, both in producing and performing. A little dream of mine is to tour Australia bringing them the EVO-K project. I recently signed with the Australian Soundkraft Records, so who knows, that could really happen one day. My big dream is to have the the chance to collaborate with a “Big-Name” Producer: co-producing, remixing, singing… in short, any form of our combined Arts! For me it should be not only a dream, but a source of schooling from one of my favorite Masters! 🙂

Parlé:  Any final words you want to put out there?
Evo-K:  Thank you Parlé Magazine! for this cool interview and for giving me light in your beautiful Country and with your people!

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