Jazz Music – The Derelict Genre

The Unappreciated Genre of Jazz Music & How It Influences Music Today

Over the past 100 years, nothing has had a greater influence on popular music of today than Jazz Music. Jazz music has laid the foundation for such genres as soul, rock-n-roll, metal, Hip-Hop, go-go, etc. Although it is often dismissed and over-looked, jazz still proves relevant in the age of auto-tune.

Jazz music is the foundation for American music and culture. It was created during the time of Manifest Destiny, with that comes a sense of pride and self-worth. Jazz is a dynamic bee pollenating the world of music with her two-step. She bounces from flower to flower blazing a pheromone trail for the other bees to follow. Birthing new genres, new styles, new topics of conversation; then off she goes. Jazz tells stories of the joys, struggles, and changes we go through in life. Jazz  keeps up with the times better than New York. It never misses a beat.

As my adulation and respect for Jazz music grows, I can’t help but wonder why it is so overlooked. What I know for sure is that in the age of Auto-Tune, Jazz prevails as easy, challenging, infectious and intelligent. Jazz has its own cagey way of making you think, even when you don’t understand it. Whether you’re jamming out to Duke Ellington and his swingin’ orchestra, or mellowin’ out to Miles Davis on a hot afternoon… Jazz music has its way of leaving a lasting impression.


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