Freestyle of the Week Review: Alex Wiley, “Guap Freestyle”

Despite the delicate pineapple whip icing the edges, Big Sean’s “Guap” is predominantly powered by a brontosaurus stomp swinging bottom line (the better for Sean’s super ball delivery to ricochet off of) that finds itself surprisingly fertile ground for a more hard edged attack than the winking Sean provides; where Sean dances and smirks along the edge, Chicago’s Alex Wiley decides to ratchet up the intensity.


 Even when appropriating the song’s hook, Wiley distinctly pitches up the angle of attack, sounding hungrier, meaner, and more bitter than Big Sean. Rather than bouncing along the beat, Wiley rides, stabbing forward, pulling back to glide. Nowhere is the more aggressive aggressive treatment of “Guap” more evident than in Wiley’s decision to rap along the stuttering break before letting the entire thing devolve into a kind of fever dream paradise, obtaining a creepy vibe the original flirts with, but Wiley takes down.

 Download Alex Wiley – “Guap Freestyle”

“Guap Freestlye” receives a PAR

PARL…Kinda Great
PARLÉ… Classic


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