The Blame Game: Has White Supremacy Become An Excuse

For years now, some in the Black community have been playing the blame game. The name of that game is White Supremacy, when things go wrong in your life, blame it on white supremacy or the man holding you down. The problem with this is that when you think you have a built in excuse, it causes a lack of ownership and accountability. Now there are   scholars who have dedicated their life’s work to proving this theory true. They travel the country indoctrinating the public with this thought process.

One of these theories is known as, The Cress-Welsing Theory of White Supremacy.  If you have not heard of Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing before, her theory is that because the white race is a mutation of Blacks they are afraid of being annihilated. Therefore they compensate for the fact they want to be Black by coming up with white supremacy. She goes on to say, this is the result of white people unconsciously trying to preserve their genetic survival. The problem with this theory is that it makes the other races come across as dumb to put it bluntly. If the white race is smart enough to oppress the other races of color are they really then inferior?

Another well know proponent of this same theory but in a somewhat different approach is the Willie Lynch Letters: The Making of a Slave written by Dr. Kwabena Faheem Ashanti. Now if you know anything about the Willie Lynch letters you already know they were written in fiction. However, you still have those who will swear by these fictitious writings. This author also believes that white supremacy is what is holding the Blacks Americans back. He also has said that in his new book he can deprogram the Negro and begin to reprogram the Negro. He goes on to explain that we as Blacks must start by getting rid of our white names and change them to more traditional African names.

If they honestly have found the so-called cure to what ails the Black community. And what will fix what is wrong with Blacks, why are they not holding free seminars or town hall meetings. Why won’t they go anywhere and everywhere to get this vital information out to the Black community? It is ironic to me that they want to talk about how the white race is hindering the Black race. Moreover, how this white supremacy is the cause of all the problems within the Black community but they still hold on to capitalism. This according to both of these theories is a form of white supremacy that they whole-heartedly disagree with. It reminds me of a saying that pimps use “the game is to be sold not told.”

When you really honestly a truly want to help someone out you do not sell them a solution. For too long now our community has been taken advantage of.  Yes, there is racism and oppression going on in the world today. However, to only focus on what is wrong without giving the people anything but a built in excuse does nothing to help. And to then prey upon the very ones you say are being oppressed is another injustice. Our community needs more solutions to teach people how to become entrepreneurs, how to write grants, how to open trade schools for the disenfranchised. Show the younger generation that if they buckle down and focus they can become whatever they dream of becoming. We already have enough excuses it’s time for the Black community to have a generation of makers, not blamers.


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