Fight For Freedom For Blacks Continues

We’ve witnessed our people swing from the trees of social injustice. We’ve witnessed our people brutally beat down due to the political inequality of democracy. We’ve witnessed the destruction of our people as they chose to stand for their beliefs as humans and their rights as American citizens. Regardless of circumstances they walked with dignity and determination. Now it is our turn. It is time to get back in line and walk in their footsteps toward change.

Unfortunately these classifications have divided Black America. We have to band together in order to enforce change. No more of the crabs in a bucket mentality and rejecting our heritage due to embarrassment. When we fight for our life, we fight for the life of our brothers. Blinded by instant gratification of material objects we have lost sight of our purpose and our destiny. Disillusioned by music videos, movies, and reality television we are driven by a false sense of security and a false sense of what it means to live. Guess who is playing the part of the puppet and guess who is pulling the strings. Cash is ruling everything around us, our future and the future of our generation is being destroyed.

Black America is in need of a social resurrection. We have to be raised up from the dead and walk with vitality; a renewed sense of self and ability. The only limitations we have are what we put on ourselves. Whether we stand alone or in unity, we must stand. Stand on the shoulders of our ancestors who were forcefully brought over on slave ships. Stand on the shoulders of our ancestors who had to enter hotels and movie theaters through the back door. Stand on the shoulders of our ancestors who fought and died for us with hope of their children being free. This time we shall stand without wavering and uncertainty so the next generation can stand on our shoulders and proclaim, “Yes!! I’m black and proud!! I’m black and beautiful!!”

Our freedom came with a cost. The Emancipation Proclamation did not save us; we’ve had to make provisions for ourselves. There is no better time than now to believe in the person you were created to be and believe in what you were created to do. Walk boldly and upright in your self-proclaimed freedom. When you believe in yourself and have faith, no one can take that away from you. Embrace your heritage and be proud of the solid foundation that has been laid out for you. We’ve gotten this far by faith and with this same faith we can and must go further.

The Fight For Freedom continues…


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