Hanif – Musically Ingenious Out The Northwest

HanifIn an industry that’s overly saturated with rappers and artists that fabricate false lifestyles but can barely keep your attention for the entirety of their verse, it’s imperative to celebrate an artist like Hanif Collins.  The Portland, Oregon bred musician, formerly known as Luck One, has captivated audiences all across the country with his powerful, conscious and enjoyable lyricism. His upcoming project, Twelve Inch Vinyls, is shaping up to be one the best of his very young career. In what seems like such a short time Hanif has released an array of projects and has performed with Hip-Hop notables like The Game, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Wale, Talib Kweli, Bone Thugz N Harmony and many more. Not to mention he has an upcoming tour planned with Hip-Hop legend Pete Rock. Not bad right?  As hard as it is to believe, this is just the beginning for Portland’s breakout superstar.
Hanif’s love for Hip-Hop began during a Planet Asia set, during Portland’s annual event Hip-Hop In The Park. A then young Hanif stared in awe as the entire crowd had their hands waving up and down and side to side. In between being awe struck and enjoying the show, Hanif joined the crowd throwing his hands in the air while simultaneously deciding that becoming an artist was his calling.  From that day forward, Hanif was dedicated to getting better and he would dream of the moment that he could perform on a stage of his own.

Though the success in his career seems to be developing almost overnight, it wasn’t. Problems for Hanif began at age 17 when he was convicted on armed-robbery charges and sentenced to six years in jail. Fortunately, he emerged from jail a new man and emerged from prison seeking a positive future rather than dwelling on his crime-ridden past.

Hanif2Fast forward just a few years and Hanif is currently the biggest artist coming out of the Northwest. Musically, Hanif sits atop the Hip-Hop industry in regards to the quality of music he releases. His upcoming project, Twelve Inch Vinyls can be best described as a golden era themed EP. Boom bap meets its future on Twelve Inch Vinyls, the beat selections are crisp and catchy, and his flow is undeniably impressive joined by plenty of advocating of self-empowerment.

Hanif has made quite a name for himself over the years. From performing with the industry’s best to delivering quality material.  Now a New York City resident, Hanif has stayed consistent and his fans are enjoying all that he has accomplished. His humble and at sometimes troubled beginnings have made him the strong, independent and intelligent man he is today. Hanif’s upcoming project will reflect just that and many are anxious to hear the conceptual music he’s been working on.

Hanif’s project, Twelve Inch Vinyls is scheduled for a release late February. In the meantime, stay updated by following him on Soundcloud, Twitter and Instagram.


Photo Credit: Jasmin Zayas


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