Tina Campbell & Mary Mary Discuss Overcoming Betrayal In Marriage


Tina & Erica Campbell were on hand in NYC for the exclusive premiere of their fourth season of Mary Mary on WeTV.  The season premiere airs on March 5th at 10p.m., and a big story line this season features Tina and Teddy Campbell working past their issues, renewing their vows and recommitting to each other and their marriage after Tina found out about his heartbreaking infidelity last season.  Tina talked about how she was able to move on from the betrayal and gives advice to other women who may find themselves in the same situation.  Erica also offered some advice to women who might not be certain if their situation is worth giving a second chance to.  Check out the video of their thoughts here…

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Season 4 of Mary Mary on WeTV, every Thursday at 10p.m.