Drew Sidora Demonstrates True Passion In TV One’s New Film, ‘Chasing Waterfalls’

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Cast of TV One’s Chasing Waterfalls Discuss Passion Behind Film

Born in ‘the windy city’, Chicago, Illinois, actress, Drew Sidora was made for the stage at an early age. From being the youngest member of the “Hook Players Theater Ensemble” in Hollywood, California, to appearing in FOX TV’s film, Divas, alongside Lisa Nicole Carson, Khalil Kain, and Nicole Ari Parker, Sidora’s resume speaks for itself.  Her latest, Chasing Waterfalls is another great notch on her belt.

Gaining notoriety from her recurring role as ‘Chantel’ on Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven, the 31-year-old has continued soaring for success. Playing in a number of critically acclaimed films, Sidora is most known for her roles as Lucy Avila in the 2006 film, Step Up, a fictionalized character of herself in BET’s The Game, and her outstanding role as Tionne ‘T-Boz’ Watkins in CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.

However, if you thought that was it for Ms. Sidora, you were wrong. The actress recently starred in a new film called, Chasing Waterfalls.  Let’s just say, this is more of a confirmation as to why we greatly admire her work.

Along with Sidora, Chasing Waterfalls co-stars an all-star cast including Tim Reid, Jasmine Guy, Kisa Willis (Precious), Joyful Drake (Phat Girlz), and Redaric Williams (The Young & the Restless). 
Chasing Waterfalls is the third bible-based film produced by TV One. Since the world premiere on Sunday, May 8th, it has been one of the most talked about projects on the network.

“Stepping into Olivia’s shoes, I really honestly felt connected with her. I saw her visually. I really felt like I wanted to do her justice because there are reasons why people change and why you see certain things develop in their lives,” Sidora explained of her character.  “I wanted to be able to tell that story very truthfully and honestly. So, for me, I just loved Olivia. I felt she was very colorful. I loved her art. I loved her passion; she’s extremely passionate. Very determined for wanting to become a fashion designer. She didn’t have a lot of money; she lived a very humble life. But, she had a great foundation in God. Her family had supported her and shown her so much love. So, she had a very solid foundation. I’m just hoping people are inspired. The decisions that we make in life really does determine our future.”

Chasing Waterfalls
Jasmine Guy and Drew Sidora in a scene from Chasing Waterfalls

The story of Chasing Waterfalls follows a God-fearing aspiring fashion designer, Olivia Archer (Sidora), who’s hungry for success, but soon realizes that everything that glitters isn’t always gold. After being offered the chance of a lifetime – to work with the CEO of an honorable clothing brand, Salma Barrie (Guy).  Olivia jumps at the opportunity. Given a gateway to share her designs with the world, Olivia soon becomes the fashion industry’s new ‘It Girl’. But, as she navigates through the alleyways to success, Olivia is also carrying the weight of caring for her sickly father and dealing with a rivalry between her and her older sister, Coco (Willis). Letting her newfound fame get the best of her, Olivia steers away from her relationship with God, her family, and the people who helped her along the way. It is only a matter of time before it all catches up with her.

“I was honored to work with all of the cast. Drew Sidora absolutely brought Olivia to life,” writer, Rhonda F. Baraka expressed.  “I think she grasped a very good understanding of who the character was very early on. Something that we thought would be a challenge was seeing Olivia’s arch over the course of the story. Karen Peterkin and I talked about this a good bit in terms of how her arch would develop. We didn’t want her change to be so abrupt and so unbelievable, and Drew handled that change in Olivia’s character in a very nuanced evenly paced believable way. We were all very impressed with that.”

We were graciously offered the opportunity to talk with Baraka, executive-in-charge of production, Karen Peterkin, Drew Sidora, Joyful Drake, Redaric Williams, and Kisa Willis as they discussed the process of creating such an amazing body of work.

Spending most of her time behind the cameras with a handful of scripts, Rhonda F. Baraka is an American screenwriter who has done a variety of amazing projects such as UP’s
Marry Me For Christmas and Saving Westbrook High. Reaching a number of people through her work, Baraka’s track record has grown to be very impressive.

As a screenwriter, Baraka expresses that her main goal is to produce something that all audiences can enjoy—which she’s been doing a pretty good job at so far.

Working alongside executive-in-charge of production, Karen Peterkin, Baraka put her creative mind to use to produce a wonderfully acclaimed film.

From their 2015 film To Hell And Back—based on the Book of Job, to For The Love of Ruth—which starred Denise Boutte and veteran actress, Loretta Devine, TV One has managed to captivate the audience, yet again.

With Tim Reid—who portrays Olivia’s father, Quincy Archer, and Jasmine Guy as Salma Barrie, the story developed in such a remarkable way. Even down to Kisa Willis, who acts with much passion, Redaric Williams, and Joyful Drake. The cast was a perfect fit.

Williams, who portrays Sidora’s love interest in the film, Cabot Barrie, loved the energy while working with Sidora and the rest of the cast. “The people you work with are either going to make your job good or bad, and this was just an excellent, excellent job. Drew Sidora has a way of being so dedicated and very structured in what she’s doing, but at the same time, she’s very carefree and very relaxed.” He says.

“When I was actually already brought on for the project, I had no idea that it was a biblical story. It just kind of gives a little bit more validity to that whereas to if you’re a viewer, it is so relatable.”

Drake, who is also Williams’ forgotten sister, Doreen Barrie, and daughter of Salma Barrie (Guy) spoke on how cool it was to work with someone of Jasmine Guy’s caliber. “It’s really cool at this time in my career to be able to work with women like Jasmine Guy. She’s an icon in her own right.” She exclaimed.

Bringing powerful biblical stories to life on-screen, the crew aims to inspire and uplift viewers all across the world in a way we’ve never seen before. While teaching us the importance of the gospel,
Chasing Waterfalls takes us on a religious journey as it shows how money, fame, and greed can deter us from what means most.

A brilliantly crafted story, Chasing Waterfalls delivers an astounding message focusing on redemption, faith, and grace.


For more information on Chasing Waterfalls visit:  http://tvone.tv/show/chasing-waterfalls/

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