The Evolution of Prince: A 90’s Baby’s Guide To The Rock Star Himself

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Your Guide To The Legend: Prince

When we look back on all of the musical greats throughout the generations, it is inevitable to think of Mr. Prince Rogers Nelson—also known as one of the world’s greatest musicians, Prince.

A musical genius, lyricist, songwriter—he made it his duty to bring a memorable contribution to the world of music. A contribution that we cannot help but be forever grateful for.

People of all ethnicities, genders, and ages have grown to love him and gain something from not only his music, but his movement as well. Let’s face it; most of us were introduced to Prince by our parents.  By the time most of us 90’s kids had come along, Prince had already released a total of eleven whole albums. However, his freaky and funky sound will always remain TIMELESS. He had such a rich and raw talent—so rich and raw that anyone would be a fool to let it go unnoticed.

With his innovating style of music, flamboyant stage presence, androgynous appearance, and a vocal range out of this world, singer, Prince managed to captivate billions of people around the world and maintain longevity with his creative spirit alone.

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Prince Rogers Nelson entered the world on June 7th, 1958. Coming from a musical background, Nelson learned to appreciate the art early on. He wrote his first tune, “Funk Machine” at only 7 years old. Who knew that, eleven years later, he would be landing his first record deal with Warner Bros. at the tender age of 18. He debuted his first album, For You, in 1978. The following year, his self-titled album, Prince, released and went platinum.

Sassy, sultry, and sexy, Prince became an instant megastar. While being known for his ‘do what I want; say how I feel’ attitude, fans immediately took to his uniqueness. Nonetheless, he was often ridiculed for his different approach to the stereotype placed by society. But, he knew who he was and what he came here to do. His hippie movement went on to become a phenomenon, which people today still idolize.

From over 100 million records sold worldwide to Grammys and Golden Globes, and being named as one of the ‘bestselling artists of all time’, that alone proves the impact he had all over the globe.

However, unfortunately, if you’re a 90’s kid, there is still a lot more about Prince that you may not know. Interestingly, there is so much more to him than the purple suits and guitars!

Check out some highlights + facts about the psychedelic rock star below.


Music/Career Highlights

  1.  Prince released a total of 39 albums throughout his career.
  2. Won seven Grammys, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award for his 1984 film, Purple Rain.
  3.  The Purple Rain film did so well that six years later, in 1990, he released a semi-sequel called, Grafitti Bridge.
  4. In 1993, due to contract disagreements with Warner Bros., he changed his stage name (which, of course, was also his real name.) to a symbol Prince logo.svg . Mostly known as the ‘love symbol’. He described it as ‘morphing the male/female emblem together’.  Seven years later, he referred to himself as ‘Prince’ again.
  5. He was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.
  6.  After leaving his contract with Warner Bros., he signed with Arista records in 1998.
  7.  Since 1979, over the span of his career and releasing music, he’d been on 29 tours around the world.


Facts About Prince

  1. Prince’s father, John Lewis AKA ‘Prince Rogers’, was a former member of a popular jazz group, ‘Prince Rogers Trio’—which Prince was named after.
  2. He has a total of six siblings, one being, singer, Tyka Nelson.
  3. The singer was born epileptic and often encountered seizures as a young child.
  4. ‘Skipper’ was his childhood name.
  5.  In 1996, at age 37, he married his 22-year-old dancer, Mayte Jannell Garcia. Together, they had one child, Boy Gregory—who died a week after birth from Pfeiffer syndrome, a skull defect.  Later, Mayte miscarried a second child.
  6. He adopted the vegan lifestyle and loved referring to himself as a ‘vegetarian’.
  7. In 2001, he changed his faith to become a Jehovah’s Witnesses. As he got older, his religion became stronger.
  8.  Sadly, in 2001, he also lost his father, and the following year his mother, too.


Leaving a remarkable legacy, the rock star passed away on April 21st, 2016, at age 57, due to an opioid overdose.

Prince will always be respected, honored, and cherished for the outstanding amount of time he put into making a difference throughout the world.

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